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The Dollars & Sense of Workshifting (Telecommu...

The Dollars & Sense of Workshifting (Telecommuting) Infographic (Photo credit: citrixonline)




If you can copy and paste, and follow basic instructions, then you already have what it takes to work from home as a professional work-at-home freelance contractor! How? Read on to learn how a…

“Single Mother Of 3 Formerly On Welfare And With No Computer Or Special Skills Exposes Her Incredible Secrets On How To Make MoneyWith More Real Work-At-Home Jobs Than You Can Ever Handle, Once You Know Where To Look For Them…”

“For The First Time Ever, She Reveals Her Most Coveted Tricks And Step-By-Step Shortcuts On How You, Too, Can Find An Abundant Source Of Easy, Top-Paying Jobs For Freelance Professionals…

No Matter What Kind Of Skills Or Experience You Have, And Starting As Early As Tomorrow!”



Sylvie Charrier
Professional Freelancer and
Founder of



You’re about to learn some hard truths that may shock you….

  • You will learn the real truth about how to work from home forever!
    (This is the hard, cold truth about working from home that no one in the “work at home jobs industry” wants you to know. This is the only place where you will be told the full and unvarnished truth about what you really need to do to get and keep the best paying telecommuting jobs!)
  • You will learn why you will Never pay fees for work at home job sites again.
    (You better believe this information is the most closely guarded secret in the industry! They want you to think you have to pay them huge fees just to see their lists of “real” work at home jobs. They are lying, and I can prove it!)
  • You will learn exactly how to create your own work at home jobs.
    (From now on, you will know exactly how to spot an opportunity before the job is ever posted anywhere. Can you image how much different this will be for you when you don’t have to compete for the handful of jobs that get posted online?)
  • You will learn the insider’s secrets of getting and keeping the best paying work at home positions.
    These are tricks the most successful freelancers use every day, and until now, they kept beating you to the punch. From now on, you will be able to rise to the top and grab the best jobs before anyone else even knows they exist!
  • You will learn how to discover talents you didn’t know you had, and apply those talents to meaningful work, for real employers, who will never ask you to pay a dime to work for them.
    Remember the days when you would work for employers who actually PAID YOU? If you think the same rules don’t apply to work at home jobs, then don’t waste another minute trying to work from home until you devour every word of this website.


Are There Really Any Work At Home Jobs Available Now? The Answer Will Shock You!

There are literally unlimited work at home jobs available, but most of these jobs are never advertised anywhere! Just look at some of the jobs you could already be doing today, if you knew what you needed to do to get them…

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Support Specialist
Advertising Account Executive
Advertising Copywriter
Advertising Professional
Answering Service Professional
Antique and Collectibles Enthusiast
Antiques Dealer
Appointment Setter
Artistic Designer
Assistant Bookkeeper
Auto Appraiser
Benefits Manager
Billing Clerk
Bridal Assistant
Budget Analysis
Business Analyst
Business Card Designer
Business Developer
Business plan developer
Child Care Provider
Children’s Party Specialist
Claims Processor
Clerical Professional
Collection Agent
Collections Specialist
Computer Animator
Computer Specialist
Content Editor
Content Provider
Copy Editors
Corporate Identity Designer
Corporate Procedure Writer
Corporate Program Writer
Corporate Recruiter
Course Writer
Crafts and Arts Specialist
Creative Designer
Custom Baby Announcements Designer
Custom Cake Decorator
Custom Gift Basket Designer
Customer Service Specialist
Customer Support Specialist
CV Writer
Dance Instructor
Data Entry Specialist
Data Processor
Database Administrator
Database Analyst
Database Design Professional
Database Manager
Desktop Publisher
Direct Mail Specialist
Discount and Freebie Researcher
eBay Auction Professional
eBook Formatting
eBook publisher
E-Mail Support Representative
eNewsletter Publisher
Executive Assistant
Executive Recruiter
Ezine Publisher
Family History Researcher
Field engineer
Financial Analyst
Flash Specialist
Formatting Specialist
Freelance Graphic Designer
Freelance Marketing Specialist
Freelance Photographer
Freelance Web Designer
Freelance Writer
Fund Raiser
Game Programmer
Gift Basket Designer
Grant Writer
Graphic Artist
Graphic Designer
Greeting Card Designer
Greeting Card Writer
Help Desk Consultant
HTML Coder
Human Resources Specialist
Insurance Agent
Insurance Appraiser
Internet Advertising Executive
Internet Marketing Specialist
Internet Order Processor
Internet Researcher
Internet Training Professional
IT Consultant
Java Developer
Landscape Architect
Lead Generator
Legal Assistant
Legal Word Processor
Managing Editor
Market Researcher
Marketing Representative
Marketing Specialist
Medical Billing Specialist
Medical Office Assistant
Medical Transcriptionist
Merchandise Distributor
Mobile Notary
Mortgage Appraiser
Mystery Shopper
New Media Specialist
Odd Job Specialist
Office Administrator
Online Course Developer
Online tutor
Outsourcing Specialist
Party Planner
Payroll Specialist
Personal Assistant
Personal Financial Advisor
Pet Boarder
Photograph Enhancer
Picture Framer
Picture Restoration Professional
Press Release Specialist
Price Shopper
Probate Researcher
Product Assembler
Production Editor
Production Editor
Professional Recruiter
Professional Seamstress
Programming Specialist
Project Manager
Proofreading Service Provider
Publicity Specialist
Real Estate Agent Assistant
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Marketing Specialist
Real Estate Staging Specialist
Report Writer
Research Specialist
Resume Writer
Sales Agent
Sales Representative
Scrapbooking Specialist
Selling eBooks
SEO Specialist
Small Business Advertising Specialist
Social Work Case Management
Software Developer
System Administrator
System Analyst
System Engineer
Technical Trainer
Technical Writer
Telephone Surveyor
Theme Party Specialist
Training Specialist
Travel Agent
Video Game Designer
Web Designer
Web Research
Website Developer
Website Redesiger
Wedding Planner
Word Processor

These are just a few of the thousands of specific, targeted jobs that are available right now…jobs you could choose to do immediately, if only someone who has been successful would show you exactly how to find them?

The great news is that someone has finally put together all the “behind the scenes” steps you can take immediately to become a successful work at home contractor…as soon as tomorrow.


Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing the same old blather about work from home jobs?
Have you been inundated with get-rich-quick schemes where the only thing
they offer you is lies and false promises?

If you are sick to death of it, just like I was, then maybe you’re finally ready to hear the truth about what it takes to work from home.

If you are finally ready to find real work from home jobs (and never pay fees again), grab on to true job security and create your own work at home jobs (the only true way to consistently work at home forever), then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

In fact, I’m willing to stick my neck out and outright say that when you see exactly how professional contractors like me never run out of work, you’re going to thank me for teaching you what I know about getting, and keeping, any work at home job I want! By the time we’re done, you’re going to know everything you need to know about working from home too!

Since 1999, I’ve been preaching
to everyone who would listen…
NEVER PAY for a work at home job

There is never a good reason to pay someone for the “privilege” of working for them, and when you learn the truth, you’re going to be furious that no one ever bothered telling you this before.

In 2004, I decided to put everything I know about telecommuting in writing, and let everyone in on the reality of what it’s like to work from home every day, be with my children every day, and work on the jobs I love to do, every day. It took months of painstaking work to bring it to you, and frankly, I was reluctant to publish it when I was done. The reality is, I’ve written material that professional contractors do not want me to publish! In fact, I’ve had some pretty threatening phone calls since this ebook series came out, and it scared me so badly I stopped advertising it for a long time!

I’m creating my own competition by letting you get your copy of You Can Work In Your PJs. It is a jam packed, 221 page guide to telecommuting and working from home as a professional contractor, and the techniques I’m sharing with you are so effective and so powerful, that anyone who applies these simple techniques are almost guaranteed to become an overnight success as a work-from-home contractor!



Discover how you can eliminate all employer excuses for not hiring you!

Using simple techniques, you will be able to create your own work at home jobs, using your own skills and learn new strategies! Forget about looking at old and outdated job listings to find a job. That is NOT where the real jobs are! I’ll teach you exactly how to create your own work from the comfort of your home, even if you have no idea where to begin!

Why I’m revealing these insider secrets…

My name is Sylvie Charrier. I’ve been telecommuting successfully since 1996, and I decided it was time for me to finally put together a practical guide for people who need the hard cold facts about what telecommuting is all about!

If we haven’t already met, that means you haven’t been to my website, My site has been written about in Redbook, Women’s Day, Home Business Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal! If you Google my name, you’ll find tons of references to my home based business, and an endless list of people who highly recommend my site as the best place to find legitimate work at home jobs.

There’s a reason people are talking about! We found ways to create telecommuting jobs that never existed before, and we employ people from all over the world who only work from home. The techniques we use every day to get so many projects and contracts for our staff are all in “You Can Work In Your PJs”, and you can use these same techniques, today, to get your own work at home job.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent countless hours researching and testing some pretty radical techniques, discovering all the hidden secrets to really making a living online. I’ve realized that my particular skill was keeping me up way too many hours. I’m the type of person that cannot turn off my brain even for a minute. I come up with business ideas constantly, and it really drives me nuts! I can’t watch TV or go to the grocery store without coming up with a new business idea, and I had to find a way to put together all my thoughts and research into one concise book.

I knew it was time to finally let others into my world, and teach all the behind the scenes details about how to, regardless of skill or experience, become professional telecommuters. Since I know I can never, in one lifetime, start every business that comes into my head, I might as well let everyone out there in on it and give it a shot.

I’ve written this eBook series so that people like you will learn the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what it takes to build your homebased business, and get those elusive telecommuting jobs out there.

Believe me, there are real home-based jobs, but what most of the work at home sites “forget” to tell you is that it takes work to get work. Finding a telecommuting job can be a full-time job in itself, but if you don’t have all the facts, you will be spinning your wheels for years trying to get work.

If you’ve ever been to my website, you will have been told repeatedly…NEVER PAY FOR A JOB! I want you to start to memorize this line. It’s your new mantra. It’s your new NUMBER 1 RULE! If you find yourself wondering about whether or not a particular ‘job opportunity’ is legitimate, you will need to come back here and re-read this line. It’s a simple rule, and it is an absolute MUST to remember it whenever you are stuck.

But, before we get into the details about this particular issue, which we fully cover in Chapter 2: Are There Really Any Home Based Jobs?, I’d like you to get to know me a little. After all, why should I expect you to believe a word I say? You should know everything about me before you know whether or not you should trust any of my advice. After all, anyone can slap a book together and call themselves experts, so what makes me any different?

I’ve been working from home for many years.
I know what I’m talking about, because
I’ve been exactly where you are today.

In “You Can Work in Your PJs”, I’ll tell you my story, because I want you to see how I went from being completely broke, to running a company that is doing extremely well, and all from my very own home office! I want to let you in on exactly what I did to build my company and my skills so I could make a really good living.

To be honest, I make more money from home than I ever could have made working in an office. I currently earn more than if I were a highly paid manager in a big company! And yes, I do work in my pajamas every day, and I spend a lot of time with my children.

Can you imagine living your life like this? I honestly never thought I could do it either. I’m just a simple gal who used to be on welfare to survive! I never dreamed I could make this kind of money working out of my small home office while taking care of three small children!

And you know what? I know you can do it too! In fact, I plan on giving all the ins and outs and tips and tricks I’ve used to become successful beyond my own wildest dreams! The techniques I’ll share with you today are the exact same strategies I’ve used to build my business, from scratch, and with no money to spare.

Here are just a few selected highlights of my work-at-home achievements, not because I want to brag, but to show you what is possible if you use these simple, yet highly effective strategies in your own work-at-home career.

I got my very first computer for free, using a very simple technique I’ll be sharing with you on Page 16 and 136.

At the time, I had absolutely no money to spend on equipment to start my work-at-home business, and I knew if I didn’t have a computer, I would be severely limiting myself in what I could do from home. So, I devised a simple strategy that worked beautifully to get free computer and office equipment, as well as generate paid work from home. If you are strapped for cash and need software or office equipment, use this simple technique to get what you need to start your work-at-home career.

I generated over $2,400 with one simple service I could perform with just my telephone.

When I didn’t have a computer, I had to be really creative and come up with a way to make money as fast as possible. This little tip can help you generate money fast, even if you have no experience or background doing this.

I made over $10,000 in just two months just typing on my manual typewriter.

What made this so incredible was it took less than $5 in materials to promote this service, and I got so many orders in a few days that I was forced to stop promoting this immediately. I simply was too busy fulfilling these orders to take any more! This one little typing service can easily be done in any city, and is fully described in “You Can Work in Your PJs”

On one contract, which lasted a year and a half, I made well over $11,000 each and every month.

The method I used to generate this contract is a very well guarded secret in the contracting industry. This little known method is covered on page 157.

I consistently get 95% of the jobs and contracts I apply for, and so can you.

This is an unheard of sales closing ratio, and the most amazing part about it is that I am not a salesperson. In fact, I hate sales, which is exactly why I developed a system that would allow me to consistently land the jobs I went after. I would rather be working on paying prjects than trying to make sales. (If you think that the job hunting process isn’t a sales pitch, then you are terribly mistaken. The entire job application process is a sales pitch, and if you don’t master the techniques, then you may be killing your chances for getting real work at home jobs.) Don’t worry, though. I’ll be covering this technique, in depth, in “Chapter 6: Sell Your Skills Like a Pro”, so you can duplicate my techniques and land the jobs you want too!

I developed a simple, 3 step process to convince employers to let me work from home, and I’m willing to share it with you on page 17.

This process is amazingly simple, and anyone can use it to generate their own work at home jobs, even with employers who would never think they could hire a telecommuter. It’s an effective method you can use to convert almost any onsite job into a home-based one.

I generated almost $250,000 in work at home contracts, in only one year (and each year keeps getting better)!

That’s right! That’s a quarter of a million dollars in contracts in a single year, with only a handful of clients. Here’s the proof!

Here’s what you won’t find in
“You Can Work in Your PJs”…

no MLM

no get rich quick schemes

 no lies, no fables, no coddling.

no “pay to work” schemes

Take a look at the wealth of information that is available to you immediately…exclusively from “You Can Work in Your PJs”

Learn the real strategies that real telecommuters are using every day to not only get a work at home job, but to keep getting more work than they can handle! (page 9)
With the simple tip found on page 18, you’ll learn exactly how to convince employers to let you work from home. (page 18)
Find out how you can make more money telecommuting than you ever did with your onsite job by constantly improving upon your skills and learning more than your peers.(page 28)
Discover the inner traits you need to possess to be successful with your work-at-home business. (page 59)
Learn how to avoid blowing big contracts by being ill-equipped. (page 75)
Learn the key secret to working from home that will put you in control of your future. (page 89)
Find specific examples of job-getting cover letters, including do-it-yourself templates to use in your e-mails and printed applications. (page 97)
Don’t have previous work experience? Learn creative ways to fill your portfolio AND start getting jobs quickly.(page 134)
Learn how to use the internet to reach employers, and learn how and where to find local employers who want to HIRE YOU! (page 171)
Learn how to become a super job sleuth and find the jobs nobody else is looking for. (page 143)
Utilize only the most effective strategies to find the jobs that fit your lifestyle, financial, and personal goals. (page 145)
Never again search endlessly for the right opportunities—learn how to attract all the right opportunities to you!(page 43)
Avoid the most common work-at-home scams, such as envelope stuffers and e-mail processors, with our techniques to sniff out the scammers. (page 48)
Become skilled at learning exactly what employers need, what you can do for them, and why you are the best choice for their business. (page 30)
Learn how you can make over $2,400 this month, with just your telephone. (page 14)
Learn how to apply your skills to create your own work, instead of waiting around for jobs to fall into your lap. (page 10)
Hear how to spend less time looking for jobs and more time earning money. (page 143)
Hear how you can use established business methods to start generating real income from home today! (page 169)
Learn the importance networking has in growing your business. (page 202)
Learn the fundamentals of HTML, FTP, and Web design to guarantee your best chance of getting top paying work-at-home jobs. (page 179)
Study the 12-step resume writing process that will teach you how to create the perfect telecommuter’s resume.(page 124)
Read the secrets of getting the attention of prospective employers eager to hire someone exactly like you. (page 22)
Hear how you can take control of your future and avoid home-based business scams as you successfully begin your telecommuting business. (page 44)
Learn how to quickly master common word processing and computer programs so your business can thrive in any situation. (page 62)
Find out how you can make the Web work for you and your business with meta tags, discussion boards, and reciprocal links. (page 182)
Download custom templates for all your business needs, including templates for resumes, cover letters, brochures, flyers, and more. (page 216)
Use the internet to make your living online—gain access to an entire world of possible income generators. (page 16)
Use these lessons and discover that there is no limit to the number of work at home positions that are available to you! (page 21)
Learn how to transform every aspect of your life so you find that success and money come more easily to you as a telecommuter. (page 43)
Learn how to effectively find work through work-at-home and freelance job boards. (page 151)
Let your fingers do the walking and the Yellow Pages do the talking—learn simple and effective ways to sell your services on the phone. (page 213)
Discover awesome telecommuting job opportunities located right in your own backyard! (page 166)
Learn the exact steps you need to take to get that dream job or project when applying online. (page 138)
Begin making the money you’ve always dreamed possible and have fun while you’re at it working from home!
Hear how you can find an endless supply of work, regardless of your degree of experience or skills!
Learn how to be better, smarter, more efficient, and more capable that others in your field so that you can catapult your home-based business into success. (page 32)
Discover the number one rule you must always remember when searching for a work at home job. This will save you a fortune and prevent you from ever getting scammed again! (page 11)
Study the exact steps you can follow to make emergency money as a home-based typist. (page 15)
Discover the simple 3-step process that will turn average onsite jobs into excellent work-at-home opportunities.(page 17)
Unveil all the behind-the-scenes details and learn how you can become a professional telecommuter, regardless of your skill or experience. (page 19)
Discover how you can tap into the lucrative financial benefits of independent contracting. (page 69)
Find out why work-at-home job databases rarely work and what you can do to change that statistic. (page 139)
Discover the secrets to the best promotional decision you will ever make. (page 199)
Discover how bartering and volunteering can actually lead to high-paying jobs.(page 135)
Learn how to live and breathe success and independence so you become an individual that employers rely on time and time again. (page 64)
Equip yourself with the fundamental tools you need to become completely independent from expensive home-based business packages. (page 74)
Employ our time-tested, effective strategies to determine exactly what it will take for you to succeed while others around you fail. (page 57)
Learn the proven methods that will help you get the best jobs in your field. (page 169)
Discover how a little research about your prospective employer can go a long way toward landing your dream project.(page 204)
Learn how you can get millions of hits on your site with a marketing budget of less than $200/year. (page 180)
Discover the secret to getting your website listed #1 in search results. (page 183)
Learn how to create your own home-based business that doesn’t rely on any kind of pre-packaged deal to get started. (page 74)
Learn how to apply the tactics necessary to successfully land telecommuting work time and time again. (page 29)
Learn how to handle interviews like a pro and prepare for that most important first contact with prospective employers! (page 138)
Earn what you are worth—learn all you need know to negotiate your price.(page 142)
Develop job search strategies to make the Web work for you. (page 158)
Learn how to create a successful professional image with an online portfolio. (page 132)
Discover how you can take what you love to do and turn it into a home based business making money for you. (page 90)
Learn how to enjoy greater financial stability by providing specialized skills to a number of clients at a time. (page 36)
Get the inside scoop on how to secure projects in the public sector, including winning homebased government contracts.(page 157)
Find out the key elements that will take your service website from blah to booming. (page 172)
Hear how to develop a step-by-step business strategy to establish your home-based services immediately. (page 170)
Teach yourself how to master your market through such self-improvement techniques as speed reading. (page 82)
Learn how—with just one set of software—you can tackle almost all of your contracting jobs, including data entry, research, technical writing, web design, graphics, and more. (page 79)
Discover how you will never have to miss another payday because your children are sick. (page 33)
Study the ways you can diversify your income stream by providing a blend of both services and products, allowing you to get paid for both the services you provide your clients and the specialized products you sell to your customers. (page 35)
Receive a detailed analysis of the equipment and software requirements you will need for your particular career choice. (page 75)
Learn the ropes to successfully bidding on freelance projects. (page 155)
Discover how to create your own “Business-in-a-Box” and begin marketing your services today. (Chapter 5 includes over 50 of these great ideas for how to apply your skills and offer services in targeted niche packages employers want to buy from you!)
Learn how to start thinking like an employer—when you focus on your employer’s needs, you are sure to find your own success. (page38) 


Discover strategies for getting the latest software and computer accessories you need to be successful at bargain basement prices. (page 79)
Explore ways to merge your hobbies with your skills to invent new business opportunities for yourself. (page 93)
Learn the step-by-step approach that will teach you how to stop wasting time chasing down false job leads as you discover where to find jobs that are perfect for you. (page 145)
Learn how to successfully market yourself to prospective employers. (page 171)
Download examples of the perfect thank you notes and cover letters that will help land you the ideal job. (page 142)
Get a step-by-step guide to setting up your very own professional contractor’s website. (page 172)
Maximize your search efforts and focus your job hunt so you can spend far less time searching and getting frustrated and far more time making money. (page 143)
Take your business to the next level with the insider’s secrets to winning select government contracts. (page 157)
Learn the rules to creating perfect telecommuter’s resumes and cover letters.(page 98) Plus, get the exact templates you need to develop your own telecommuter’s resume
Discover how to immediately tell if a job is “real” or just a scam, so you spend your time making money rather than getting scammed. (page 45)
Discern the significant differences between home business, working from home, telecommuting, contracting, and freelancing so you can best determine the business mode that is right for your lifestyle. (page 65)
Exercise the time-tested methods to gain repeat clients as you anticipate what your clients will need from you to be successful over and over again. (page 36)
Learn how you can become skilled at creating your own money-making jobs. (page 169)
Study the time-tested ways you can outperform your competition time after time. (page 96)
Learn how to make it completely impossible for employers to say NO when you approach them with your winning proposals for your dream telecommuting jobs!(page 32)
Learn essential search engine tricks to find the jobs you are looking for, quickly and effectively. (page 162)

This 221 page manual (plus over 50 unique homebased business ideas you can start right away) will teach you the secrets no one else has dared to reveal, and give you the real TRUTH about the difficulties you have experienced in your search for real home based employment.

You will learn how to easily copy these simple techniques to create your own work at home jobs, even if you have limited equipment, limited skills, or limited experience. If I could do it, you certainly can!

If you’ve spent any time online, you will already know that there are lots of scams out there! You might have even begun to doubt that there are any work-at-home positions available for serious jobseekers. If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone!

I’m one of the few out there who dares to tell it like it is and tell you the truth about what it takes to work from home.

There is such a big difference between
home-based businesses and telecommuting.

If you aren’t sure how to tell the difference, then it’s about time you find out. What’s the difference between buying an information package and paying for a job? How can you tell if a home based business is right for you? What is an independent contractor and why is it called telecommuting if you have lots of employers you work for?

All of these questions are answered in “You Can Work in Your PJs”.

You need to know how to beat your competition to get those
elusive work at home jobs!

Most prospective telecommuters make most of their mistakes in the application process! Did you know that employers delete 80% of incoming resumes because of deadly mistakes that applicants make all the time? You NEED to read this book to be armed with the truth about how to apply, and get your resume placed on the top of the pile!

In this eBook, we’re going to be talking about what you need to know before applying for work at home jobs. The application process can be pretty tricky, and you need to be prepared ahead of time with all your materials. After all, when you first contact a prospective employer, you must have all of your proposal materials ready to go so that you look as professional as possible. What I want to do is help you rise above your competition and learn how to get your resume and application seen first!

Where the Real Jobs are Hiding

Become a Sleuth and find the jobs no one else looks for! In this book, you will learn how and where to find the HIDDEN job markets and spend less time searching and more time WORKING! Learn how to spot the scams a mile away, and avoid getting sucked in by shysters. Stop wasting your time looking in the wrong places! This book contains the ULTIMATE work at home search tools, built right into the book, so you never have to go anywhere else to find all the best telecommuting jobs!

There are hosts of places you can look for real work at home jobs, but the trick to maximizing your search efforts is to know how and where to look. Keep in mind that this book covers how to locate positions that have already been posted online. It is all about maximizing your search efforts and focusing yourself so you can spend far less time searching and getting frustrated. The super-skilled jobseekers know exactly where to look, and they find the jobs they are looking for. You can be a Super-Skilled Jobseeker, too!

“Before you start looking… No matter how exciting that job looks, never, ever, pay up-front fees! I have yet to find a really good reason to pay for a job, no matter what type of job it may be! Imagine for a moment if you were to attend a job interview and the employer said you were great and all you needed to do was pay a small processing fee to start working immediately! You would immediately leave the room, wouldn’t you? The internet is no different from the real world! The same rules apply. Employers hire you to do a job in exchange for a paycheck…period.”

Create your own work at home jobs

In Chapter 5, you’ll discover the true talents you never thought you had! This book will help you uncover the skills inside you, and give you solid, PROVEN methods for getting the best jobs in your field. You will be able to select the best job types based on what you already know! Everyone, regardless of past experience, will be able to use at least one of these ideas to generate real income from home! You’ll be able to choose your career options based on Beginner, Advanced, and Expert skills you have already developed!

The key to your success as a telecommuter is that you need to understand how very easy it can be to become full-time employed from home, if you come to the employer with a pre-packaged set of applied skills to offer. Instead of waiting for jobs to pop up on the internet, where you’ll have to compete with thousands of other jobseekers just to get the job, you’re going to learn exactly how to become a truly professional contractor and bring a whole set of new skills to the hiring table! You can create your own jobs if you know what to say to employers and how to offer your defined services to answer their needs effectively.

Here are just a few examples of the unique services you can offer from home, and each are covered in Chapter 5 of “You Can Work In Your PJs”…

  • Provide “Company watch” research services
  • Provide Paper Management services to local small businesses
  • Provide a specialized typing service to local colleges and universities
  • Compile database of targeted leads for companies to use for their sales and marketing efforts
  • Use a skill you already have and write a “How To” manual for online publication
  • Become an Internet Press Release Agent
  • Specialize in editing and producing online eZines
  • Specialize in preparing materials for trade shows and conferences
  • Provide monthly bookkeeping service subscriptions to local businesses
  • Offer recruiter assistant services. Specialize in locating and filtering resumes for recruiters
  • Specialize in press release marketing
  • Specialize in generating sales leads for companies
  • Specialize in producing billboards and advertisements
  • Specialize in designing PowerPoint presentations
  • Specialize in a particular industry and market your design services only to those types of companies
  • Focus on a particular programming skill and set yourself up as a troubleshooter for other programmers
  • Specialize in translating technical documentation and software into the language of your choice
  • Specialize in working with college students on essay preparation

Each service package, or Business in a Box, is described in detail. You will know exactly how to package this specialized service, recognize which employers will be most interested in your service, and learn exactly how to find your target market.

NOTE: There are currently over 50 different service packages available to you in Chapter 5! More are being added regularly, and we are willing to pay you for your own great ideas! When you purchase You Can Work in Your PJs, you will receive an email after you’ve had the chance to review the series, where we will ask you to submit your own ideas for addition to this eBook. If we choose to publish your great idea in Chpater 5, we will gladly pay you cash!

Sell Your Skills Like a PRO!

This book will teach you HOW to market yourself to prospective employers. You NEED to know what kinds of ads and emails get the attention of the human resource and hiring managers. Learn how to approach employers armed with every piece of information about them, before you send an email, place an ad, or call their hiring department!

Employers are very impressed by applicants who have bothered to learn about their company, and they are more likely to hire you if you have shown initiative and approached them with the respect they deserve! Learn how to use the internet to reach employers, and learn how and where to find local employers who want to HIRE YOU!

Hot Templates to Get You Started

Cover letters, Resumes, Flyers, Ad Copy…Everything You Need! This is the Granddaddy of ALL template resources. You will be able to download all the templates you could ever need, all from one easy-to-use eBook! Just click and download! Modify each template to suit your needs, using software you already have on your computer!

Plus, you get to full access to the entire eBook series before you have to decide! That’s right! You get to preview what we have to offer today! If you don’t like it, or if you just don’t feel that working from home will work for you (it isn’t for everyone), just send us an email and you’ll get your money back with no questions asked!

That’s how much we believe in what we’re telling you.

Yes I am ready to work at home


One of our customers bought her copy less than 2 weeks ago. She read it all in one evening, and let me tell you this exciting news…She managed to use our techniques to bring in 3 (Yes, three!) contracts for her small home based documentation business! One of those contracts is with the government, and it is worth over $60,000! I am so thrilled for her. She didn’t just read the books, she actually implemented the techniques she learned. Now that is success! She even had to hire extra staff to handle the workload! That means that she wasn’t the only one to benefit from the eBook series, because she only hired homebased workers, who would never have gotten their job if it weren’t for You Can Work in Your PJs

I know how hard it is to believe that working from home is possible for you! I was skeptical too, a few short years ago. After all, there are a lot of people out there who can easily claim they’ve done it, just to get you to buy their book. Well, let me tell you. I’m a single mom, and when I started out, I had no computer and no money! Today, I am earning a great income from my small home office, doing real work for real employers, and I know that if I could do it, anyone can.

Thousands Have Learned To Work At Home Forever
Who Never Thought They Could

I am so pleased with your program! It is beyond what I thought it would be. I own and operate my own documentation business. I love what I do but I was having issues with showcasing our talents online. The competition is fearless. I am used to standard marketing practises and because of my lack of marketing experience online, we were not getting the exposure we needed. I was at my wit’s end. I have reviewed many different ebooks and websites about working from home, but only one stood out! “You Can Work in Your PJs” was exactly what I had been looking for. I loved the title, since it is how I work most days. I decided to take the trial. Not only did I love it, but I joined their affiliate program. I DO NOT offer endorsements as a general rule. This program changed my mind. I was blown away! FINALLY a product that offers the truth and reality of what it takes to work and succeed online. Not only that, I put into action what I read and my company is now getting more contracts than ever before. Clients are noticing our company and contacting us. Sales improved dramatically. Now my business is not just breaking even, but really doing well. I had to hire more staff to meet the demands. Now that is success! Thank you Ms. Charrier for creating a no-nonsense ebook that really packs a punch. Thumbs way up! If you want us to translate it, it would be sheer pleasure.

Roxane J. Vezina
Lead Project Manager and Sole Proprietor
Global Documenting Solutions


I think “You Can Work in your PJ’s” is incredible and I could have done with this information years ago. It has made me completely change the way I apply myself to anything, not just my work. I now know that I have to get up to speed with my skills, which I can do with the resources that are provided.

Thanks again for your help and for being part of such an incredible resource!

Sue Lyndes


I am enjoying the opportunity to offer a testimonial on your book and service almost as much as I have enjoyed reading and using “You Can Work In Your PJ’s”.  The book is so full of useful information that it
should be read at least twice even before attempting to use it.  The first time to just familiarize oneself with the contents and a second time (after the initial awe has subsided) to begin absorbing the material and suggestions and to research the many resources available in the book. 

Chapter Two so far has been the most helpful and will probably serve best for long term results. “Know Thyself” should be a mandatory exercise (block the reader from reading any further until completed). It totally redirected my search and will hopefully be at least partly responsible for the creation of a new not-for profit organization helping people with disabilities telecommute. The equipment requirements is also essential information.  

Chapter Three both re-affirmed and changed my thoughts on the use of cover letters and the almighty resume. I have been in an HR position reviewing piles of resumes – it is amazing how many of my own pre-dispositions I have forgotten in drafting my own cover letters and resume. It is requred reading as it really forces people to compare what they can do as opposed with what they want to do. One would hope that this will cause the individual to at least become aware of the steps needed to be where they want to be. 

Chapter Five provides good, solid direction and Chapter Six really opened my eyes as to new skills and technologies that are needed to compete in the cyber work space and how old skills and talents can be applied with little or no up-dating. 

I could continue on about the utter usefulness of this book and probably will once I really feel competent in its core uses.  In brief – this is perhaps the best money for dollar value that I have spent in a long time. 

Michael Lower


I have just purchased the full version after going through what I was able to during my trial period. Lots of great info! After just reading through the Bonus book about how to make immediate cash I already have an idea of my own. I will be using the book to hopefully see it through. Thanks for creating such a great resource!

A. Sousa


I absolutely love “You Can Work in Your PJs” by Sylvie Charrier. I printed out the entire e-book, three hole punched the paper and put it in a binder. This e-book
is filled with so much worthwhile information and valuable resources that I read it with a yellow highlighter. My plan is to go back and reread the highlighted sections over and over again. The “Resource Guide” is a fabulous resource that I’ve already begun using on a daily basis.

Even though I have been working at home (and in my pajamas) for over five years but I always struggle to keep my virtual assistant practice full. With the help
of this extraordinary e-book I will double my income, work less hours and do the work I love. Sylvie has given me the courage to turn down projects that do
not resonate with me and she has given me the information I need to find the work I love!


Bonnie Jo Davis


After purchasing the full version, I am going through and taking each chapter one at a time. What I have read so far is very exciting to me! Because, yes, I was a scamaholic! And until your book, I became a very cynical person looking for scams in every offer I got!! And I really and truly want to be able to run a business or work from home!! Why?? Because I am dedicated and have put in a lot of “unpaid” time at many of my jobs. So I would like the opportunity to be dedicated to an employer but be compensated for my time.

Linda Johnson


I just purchased “You Can Work In Your PJs” yesterday. I had to sit and read it from cover to cover. It took me about 9 hours to do it but it was well worth the time spent. (I live alone so I have all the time I need to get things done and the silence to keep my sanity too.) The information is invaluable to me because I never knew where to start, now I do.

I have been waiting for 6 years for a book like this to come out because it has been a personal dream of mine for years to work at home in my PJs doing Graphic Design or Desktop Publishing. I have been were you were so many times that I can’t count them and I am tired of always being broke and unemployed every time I turn around so I know what it feels like to think that everything is hopeless. I thank you for giving me back that hope for a brighter future; for teaching me how to make my dream come true.

I have been updating my computer skills for the last few years so that I could telecommute. I still have a great deal to learn about the industry but I am also very excited about it too.

Thanks so much for everything!



“I think the e-book, “Work in your PJ’s,” is incredible and I could have done with this information years ago. It has made me completely change the way I apply myself to anything, not just my work. I now know that I have to get up to speed with my skills which I can do with the resources that are provided.

I purchased “Work In Your PJ’s” at the beginning of the year and I was completely bowled away by the quality of information in your product as well as all the “Businesses In A Box.” I really wish I had this book several years earlier when I first looked at the possibility of working from home. It would have saved me so much time and disappointment!

Having read through Chapter 5, I was a little discouraged to find that my skills didn’t fit into any of the businesses you profiled. However, thanks to all the information you provide, I took a cold, hard look at my skills and realized that they best fit the description of an Executive Assistant.

I did a lot of research and found a great way for me to operate as a “Virtual Executive Assistant” using an Intranet. I have since built one for a client who is thrilled with it. It makes working remotely effective and very efficient!

Thanks again for you help and for being part of such an incredible resource! ”

Sue Lyndes


I have just read about your eBook offer on “You Can Work in Your PJs.” and I am certainly excited about this. I, too, have three small children and having the flexibility to work in my home is absolutely ideal. I feel that working 40 hours plus a week, outside the home, will only put added stress and pressure on my family and their needs will be sacrificed. My family is a main priority in my life and yet I need a “balance” for my own identity. This seems like the perfect solution and I am looking forward to learning more about it. Thank you so much for sharing your strategies and helpful ideas!!

Wendy M. Audet
Sandy Hook, CT

You deserve to get your own work at home job!

I am confident that this book will become one of your most trusted sources of information and resources and become your daily handbook for finding and keeping those elusive work-at-home jobs! Most of the information you’ve seen on the web about working from home wastes your time, repeating the same old drivel and insulting your intelligence! You deserve more than that, and I’ve put my money where my mouth is!

90 day, rock solid,
money back guarantee!

Get your own copy of “You Can Work in Your PJs” and take a full 90 days to read everything. If you change your mind and decide that telecommuting is not right for you, I absolutely insist that you ask for a refund!

I understand that not everyone should be telecommuting, and I don’t want anyone to do it if it isn’t right for them. So, take me up on my refund offer if you are not completely sure you want to work from home!

Yes! Please Rush Me My Own Copy Of
“You Can Work In Your PJs”!

Click here to download your own copy of “You Can Work In Your PJs” at a very special price, and join the many who have finally learned how to create their own jobs anytime they want, using the simple techniques used by Sylvie Charrier herself to create real telecommuting jobs out of thin air.

Right now, I’m allowing a few copies to be sold at a full 20% off the regular price. Total is $49.77 only $39.82 for a limited time.

Plus, if you get your copy today, you will also get unlimited updates for life! No matter how much we add to this eBook series, you can get your free unlimited lifetime access to updates.

Order online safely and securely.

To Your Work At Home Success!

P.S.– We don’t leave you hanging after you’ve purchased, either. You will be able to chat with our support staff anytime you need to get tips and hints along the way. One on one consulting is available to you to help you attain your goal to work from home forever, and it won’t cost you a dime to get the support you need from the pros!

P.P.S. There is no way you are going to be able to implement ALL of my ideas. But I’ve set up the chapters so that you can first read through everything and THEN choose which of the many ideas you are going to implement. I know there’s a lot of information here, and it can be pretty dizzying, but I want you to be successful, and the only way that is going to happen is if you take the time to read, learn, and absorb the concepts before you start to try and implement anything in the ebook.

P.P.P.S. If you promise me that you will actually USE the information I am going to give you, and read it carefully, I just know you will be able to make a serious change in your life. In fact, I want to hear your success story personally, so please write to me after you get this book, and let me know how you used this information to change your life!


<a href=”” target=”_top”>Click Here!</a>

The Perfect Home Business! TYPING FOR MONEY!!!!!!!   4 comments

English: Screenshot from Linux software KTouch...

English: Screenshot from Linux software KTouch. An image of the Home Row keys for touch typing. Suomi: Kymmensormijärjestelmän sormien paikat. Русский: Векторизованный снимок части экрана клавиатурного тренажёра KTouch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Step by Step guide to typing at home

Hello, my name is Joan Norris. I have been working from home for the past few years. And just like many of you, I was working at a corporate office day in and day out. It was paying the bills quite nicely, and I was fairly happy in the corporate world.

That was until my first baby was born. It was so hard on me, dropping off Adam at daycare when he was only two months old, but that was the only time my boss would give me off, a lousy 8 weeks. After doing that for 9 months, I was ready to crack. I was stressed out by the time I got home from work, I was often tired that I didn’t have much time to play with my sweet little Adam before he went to bed at 7:30pm. But, I needed to work as my husband, Bob, who works in construction had been laid off due to the housing slowdown.

Now, as a work at home mom, I get to do what I love most: spend quality time with my son and also be able provide for my family. Since I started working at home doing typing jobs, my son and I have developed a stronger bond. My family and all my friends think I’m the luckiest woman to have such great balance in my life.

Now you get an inside look at my experience. I wish I would have had a mentor, a place to turn to when I decided to leave the corporate world. It would have been so much easier, the learning curve wouldn’t of been so steep. I didn’t know where to start, I had wasted so much time looking for jobs and getting things started. Now you have a place to turn, you have a mentor, a guide of where and how to start your own typing career from home and

you won’t waste your valuable time

like I did when I started.

Suppose you found a way to quit your day job and run a successful business right from your own home? Imagine for a moment that you could turn your typing skills into a successful and lucrative business-without ever leaving home?

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own business and working from home, this is your chance to be your boss and actually get paid for operating a rewarding, fun and easy home based business.

All you need is basic computer and typing skills and you can turn those skills into a lucrative and successful business. In our groundbreaking guide, we will show you how you can easily start your own home-based typing business.

As you read through this guide you will likely be pleasantly surprised at how fun and easy it is to begin your own typing service from home. Every professional, organization and business has typing needs; whether it is letters, reports, newsletters, brochures, proposals or manuals. Many companies, both small and large, find it more economical to outsource those needs. This is where you come in!

This 88-page ebook details everything you need to know on how to start your very own typing from home job and … succeed at it.


The Perfect Home Business!


This is your opportunity to realize your long-awaited dream of owning your own home-based business. You will have complete control of your schedule and business. You decide when you want to work and how much you want to work!

Imagine for a moment how it will feel to be able to wake up each and every day and only go a few steps to go to work. This is the perfect opportunity for stay-at home parents, retirees or college students. Never have to navigate your way through rush-hour traffic again! You can be your own boss!

By running your own home-based typing service, you can establish your own hours and how much you wish to charge. You will be in complete control! Even better, you get to hold onto all of the profits instead of watching your boss take them!


Work part-time or full-time!

The decision is yours!


An Affordable Business Start-up Plan! Starting your own home-based typing service couldn’t be more affordable! You don’t need a lot of start-up capital to get started! All you need to open your new business is a working computer, some paper, printer and an internet connection. It couldn’t be easier!


Is it Legal and Legitimate?


Absolutely! Operating a typing service from your home is completely legitimate. You are offering a valuable service to organizations, businesses and even private individuals. Don’t fall for those work-at-home scams! This is a proven, legitimate business opportunity that you can take care of immediately. We do not provide lists of people to contact. No typing work is provided; just the information you need to begin your own successful business. In this guide you will learn exactly what you need to do to obtain typing work and build a business you can be proud of. You’ll learn how to market yourself and your business. This is a solid, proven and real service that individuals and business owners are in desperate need of.


Everything You Need to Begin your Typing at Home Business


Our guide will provide you with all of the insider information you need to begin your own lucrative typing service from home. You will learn how to be successful practically immediately and save loads of time in the process.

“We give you EVERYTHING you need. Take a look…”

What you MUST know about home typing

Is this the right decision for you?

 Tips for subcontracting

What you can expect from the work

How to branch out and build your brand

Crucial tips for setting up your office

Necessary equipment and costs

Notes on how to find work

Other work options-including data entry and transcription

Everything you need to know about payment options

Necessary knowledge and skills

How to market yourself

Online work resources

What you must know about billing

How much to charge

TONS of resources


You take absolutely no risk when you order this information packed guide! The cost of the guide is $59 Now Reduced to $37, which is minimal compared to what you can make in your first week. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Still not convinced?

What if we threw in our ironclad 100% 60-day money back guarantee?

60 Day Iron-Clad 100%Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…

Here is our pledge to you: If you are unhappy with our guide, for any reason, after receiving it, all you have to do is just let us know and we will immediately issue you a full refund. No questions asked! It’s that simple.

Joan Norris

We don’t think you will be at all disappointed with the quality and depth of information you will find in this guide. Nothing has been left out. You receive everything you need to immediately begin your own lucrative typing service from home.

Have you always dreamed of what it would be like to work at home?

To stay at home with your kids?

Perhaps to earn a little extra money?

Whatever your goals and ambitions may be, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will allow you to achieve them. Isn’t a small investment worth it to gain all of the comprehensive techniques and insider information you need to start a business from home? That really is a small investment compared to the amount of money you stand to lose either by trying to go it on your own or continuing on the same path you are on right now-working for someone else and watching them take all of the profits! You simply cannot afford NOT to invest in your future today.

Sincerely, Joan Norris

YES! Give Me Instant Access to the Step by Step Guide

So you want to start working from home immediately, right? Great! Start today with this invaluable guide for a one-time investment of ONLY $59 $37.

This is a limited special and we can only guarantee thisdiscount until 11:59PM, November 15, 2012. We are giving you all of this for one super low price as we believe everyone should have the opportunity to earn a living from home. So hurry and order now before the price goes up! The guide come in the convenient format of Adobe Acrobat pdf, which is compatible with every computer. Click below to receive the guide instantly, even if it’s 3:00AM in the morning.

Special Update!!!

We will soon be forced to raise the price up to the regular price of $59. Buy now to guarantee your access to this step by step guide for only $37.

– Joan Norris


Yes! Joan, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To Typing From Home – A Step by Step Guide

I understand I’ll be downloading the entire Typing From Home – A Step by Step Guide for a one-time investment of just $59 (Now Reduced to $37) when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 60 day money-back guarantee if I’m unsatisfied in any way.

Posted November 15, 2012 by Teacher Alvin in LEARNING ENGLISH

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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘speed’?   Leave a comment

60KM/H Speed limit sign in Australia.

60KM/H Speed limit sign in Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





1) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘speed’?
2) What is the speed limit on the roads in your country?
3) Does speed kill?
4) Are you a speed freak? Do you love going fast?
5) What’s the fastest speed you’ve ever been in a car at?
6) Why do people love speed so much?
7) Are our lives getting faster and faster?
8) What things can you do at lightning speed?
9) Mahatma Gandhi said: “There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” Do you agree?
10) Tadao Ando said: “The speed of change makes you wonder what will become of architecture.” What do you think?




1) What do you think of speed?
2) What do you think of people who drive at very high speeds?
3) How important is speed in your life?
4) Do you need high speed Internet?
5) Would you like to travel at the speed of light?
6) Do you ever speed dial on your mobile?
7) Do you worry about speed cameras and speed checks on the roads?
8) Are you a speed reader?
9) Someone once said: “There are no speed limits on the road to excellence.” What does this mean? Do you agree with it?
10) Confucius once said: “It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.” Do you agree with him?


Posted October 22, 2012 by Teacher Alvin in LEARNING ENGLISH

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Do you like science?   Leave a comment

English: Science icon from Nuvola icon theme f...

English: Science icon from Nuvola icon theme for KDE 3.x. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘science’?
2) How important is science?
3) Is science always good?
4) Do you always trust science?
5) Were you good at science at school?
6) What science projects or experiments did you like at school?
7) Would you donate your body to science after you die?
8) Why is science becoming less and less popular in schools?
9) Do you like visiting science museums?
10) What kind of people love science?
1) Do you like science?
2) What were your science teachers like?
3) What has science done for humankind?
4) What will science uncover in the next few decades?
5) What questions will science never answer?
6) Do science and religion fit well together?
7) When someone says, “It isn’t exactly rocket science,” what do they mean?
8) What will the next big discovery in science be?
9) Would you want your children to study science, management  or law?
10) The Japanese anime character Ikari Gendo said: “Science is the power of Man.” What does this mean? Do you agree?
Hamamatsu Science Museum, Hamamatsu, Japan

Hamamatsu Science Museum, Hamamatsu, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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UFOTV: Above Top Secret – UFOs, Nikola Tesla, Free Energy and Antigravity   Leave a comment

English: Mark Twain (penname of Samuel Langhor...

English: Mark Twain (penname of Samuel Langhorne Clemens) in the lab of Nikola Tesla, spring of 1894. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UFOTV: From Legend to Reality - UFOs, ET and Human Origins

UFOTV: Above Top Secret – UFOs, Nikola Tesla, Free Energy and Antigravity

EBE Award Winner! Best Historical UFO Documentary – International UFO Congress. This film explores the history of our modern technological age, secret advances in science, the question of UFOs, and how our world governments have controlled the flow of information to the public regarding the truth about UFOs. Nikola Tesla, Free Energy and Antigravity Technology are also investigated. Includes a fantastic collection of interviews from top scientists and researchers from around the world, stunning computer graphics and incredible photos and video of UFOs in flight.

Prepare to embark on a mind bending journey through the worlds of science, spirituality, ancient alien cultures and the future of our modern technological age. Along this journey you will visit the most dramatic sacred sites, explore the worlds greatest alien mysteries, and see the future of life on Earth.

Now drawing on shocking new discoveries from the world’s greatest scientific minds, The UFOs and Cosmic Dimension Series presents factual proof of UFO and Alien influences today that have shaped history and human evolution for thousands of years. Includes shocking eyewitness accounts, stunning film of UFOs, explosive classified information, incredible statements from major scientists and international experts and is to this day, one of the most complete profiles on UFOs and Exopolitics ever released to the public.

UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions – The Series: NOW on DVD in a New 3-DVD Special Edition – Cat# U427 – Go to
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June 10 (Mon): No classes

※ 12 Wednesday, June Independence Day the (Independence day)

I will transfer on Monday June 10.

· June 14 (Friday): level test, quarantine

※ After lunch, going out possible. 15 I go out all the time to ask.

· June 15 (Sat): official TOEIC test

※ Please apply to Saturday 8th seekers

E & G International Language Center
Maryknoll Road, Davao City, Philippines

1. There is never “SNOW” in the Philippines. The students here love it and learn english at the same time.
2.Cheep rate!!!!
4. Native Teachers from Western MEN and WOMEN

다바오 E&G어학원소개
필리핀 다바오에 위치한 이앤지어학원 소개입니다. 학원모습, 수업모습, 강사들의 모습, 그리고 이앤지를 다녀간 학생들의 모습을 담아보았습니다. 짧은 영상으로 이앤지를 다 보여드릴 수는 없지만 참고가 되었으면 합니다.

[필리핀어학연수] 다바오 E&G어학원소개
필리핀 다바오에 위치한 이앤지어학원 소개입니다. 학원모습, 수업모습, 강사들의 모습, 그리고 이앤지를 다녀간 학생들의 모습을 담아보았습니다. 짧은 영상으로 이앤지를 다 보여드릴 수는 없지만 참고가 되었

[필리핀어학연수] 다바오 E&G어학원소개

필리핀 다바오에 위치한 이앤지어학원 소개입니다. 학원모습, 수업모습, 강사들의 모습, 그리고 이앤지를 다녀간 학생들의 모습을 담아보았습니다. 짧은 영상으로 이앤지를


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Are you a ‘house and home’ person?   Leave a comment

English: Springfield House - Residential Home ...

English: Springfield House – Residential Home near Codsall A rather fine county house, now converted to a residential home for the elderly. There is a care home, of rather more modern design, at the back of the original building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





1) Are you a ‘house and home’ person?
2) What’s your favorite thing about your home?
3) What is your dream home?
4) What home improvements would you like to make to your home?
5) Are you happy with the color scheme and furniture in your home?
6) Would you rather live in a house or an apartment?
7) Do you agree that ‘home is where the heart is’?
8) Do you like being at home alone?
9) What are the differences between a house and a home?
10) Do you like the houses in other countries?





1) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘home’?
2) Are you a stay-at-home person or a going-out person?
3) Do you do homework and housework?
4) Do you or would you like to own your own home?
5) Are you house proud?
6) Is there anything you hate about your home?
7) Do you get jealous of other people’s homes?
8) Would you like to work at home?
9) Do you like the location of your home?
10) Would you like to design your own home?


What is your biggest fear for yourself?   4 comments

Actress demonstrating initial reactions of fea...

Actress demonstrating initial reactions of fear and panic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





1) What is your biggest fear for yourself?
2) What is your biggest fear for the world?
3) Why do we feel fear?
4) How often do you feel afraid?
5) Why do people have different fears?
6) How do you react to fear?
7) How would you help someone to get over their fear?
8) Have you ever panicked with fear?
9) What happens to you physically and emotionally when fear takes hold of you / overcomes you?
10) How often do you jump or start when something frightens you?





1) Do you have any form of phobia or paranoia?
2) What were you afraid of as a child?
3) What things are people commonly afraid of and why?
4) What facial expressions accompany fear?
5) Do you like putting yourself in situations where you can feel fear?
6) Are you ever afraid of other people?
7) Do you think society lives in fear?
8) “The fear of death is to be dreaded more than death itself.” What do you think about this quotation?
9) What do you think having a fear of the 21st century would be like?
10) If you ‘put the fear of God into someone,’ how do you think that person feels?


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