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Alvin Davis

9:31 AM (34 minutes ago)

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Alvin Lester Davis
1832 South School Fayetteville ARK 72701
Driving Lic: 935715029 Arkansas Expire: July 15, 2019
Stationary Engineer/English Teacher
Summary of Experience
· Supervising mechanics on Central Plant equipment and Boiler Rooms for Industrial Plant, Hospitals and Airports.
· In excess of 15 years with civilian and mechanical engineering equipment concerned with the maintenance and repairs of wide range of equipment in boiler rooms operation and maintenance such as four (4) units of oil fired high temperature water boilers with a capacity of 45,000,000 BTU/hr. per unit and four (4) Centrifugal Refrigeration Units with a capacity of 5000 tons per unit, Water and Waste Treatment Plants, Utilities Supports, and D.I. system for a Pharmaceutical Company.
April 28, 2016 to Present
New York Project for Verizon
Mike Kruse
PMG Inc.
Project Manager
I have worked in Hospitals, Pharm. Airport buildings, with many different equipment. There are 21 different building in New York for Verizon, I maintain all of there equipment in each building.
There are thousands of equipment, in each type of buildings, I have been a troubleshooter for over 10 years, I have also repaired thousands of types of equipment, from Chillers, Boilers, Machinery of cappers, to Air Handlers, to Pump’s Compressor’s. of many name brands.
CIP School in Angeles City http://www.cipschool.com
January 2009 to October 2014
· Teaching Korean and Japanese student all English subjects
· As of May 2011 took over as Head Teacher of 58 Teachers and 80 Students
Shane English School –Dongying, China
January 2008 to September 2009
English Teacher
· Taught 5yr to 15yr old Chinese children with a class size of 8 to 32 equaling 200 students a week.
· Taught Basic English to advanced English in a night class of 20yr to 40yr people
· Skill’s Interviews, passing SAT for enrollment for the USA
Novartis– Emeryville, CA
Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics, Inc.
4560 Horton Street
Emeryville, CA.94608-2916
(800) 524-4766
2006 to 2008
Master Mechanic
· Served as Master Mechanic for 22 Buildings with Pharm Equipment, such as: Boilers, Chillers, Sterilizers and performed P.M’s Corrective Maintenance.
3635 N Freeway Blvd, Spc 100
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 419-6200
· Responsibilities included: Chillers, Boilers, H.V.A.C. System in the Building. P.M.’s Corrective Maintenance On all Building System’s, including but not limited to VAV, Air-Handlers, Cooling Towers, Helping the Electricians on there Craft as well.
Boeing / L3 703-876-1000 3170 Fairview Park DrFalls Church, VA 22042-4516
2002 to 2005
Stationary Engineer / HVAC Engineer
· Repair of Chillers, Boilers, working with Building Control Systems.
· Teaching English and Engineering A.C.T. to 20,166 Collage Students
· Supervising HVAC tech’s for all Army Bases in South Korea
Yamas Controls
1 S Linden Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080 Phone:
2001 to 2002
Chiller Specialist
· Working with Company’s such as Genentech, Highland Hospital, Our Lady of Holy Angels.
· Responsibilities: Repair of Chillers, Boilers, Air-Handling Units, Controls
· Equipment: Trane, Clever-Brooks, Westinghouse, Carrier, Copeland.
· Left Company to go overseas.
Saudi Oger Ltd — Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1996 to 2001
P. O. Box 1449
Riyadh 11431 Saudi Arabia
Tel. No. : (966-11) 4773115
Fax No. : (966-11) 477-0079
Supervisor/H&C Maintenance
· King Khalid International Airport Project
· Utilities Division, Heating & Cooling Section
· Supervising Maintenance personnel of Central Plant Heating & Cooling Section composed of Foremen, Lead Mechanics, Mechanics, HVAC Personnel, I&C Technicians, and Plant Electricians.
· Responsibilities: include plant machinery’s e.g. four (4) Centrifugal Refrigeration Units, each with a capacity of producing 5000 tons per hour of chilled water, four (4) diesel fuel oil fired high temperature water boilers, each with a capacity of producing 45,000,000 BTU per hour with an output temperature of 204OC, six (6) cooling towers and fans, CHW & HTW piping equaling a total length of 12.8 Kilometers. In addition, submitting daily, weekly and monthly reports to the Superintendent and Project Manager.
· Maintenance Duty Officer: On many occasions assumed the duties and responsibilities for all contractual decisions and work co-ordinations at the KKIA Airport during night shifts and weekends.
Boot’s Pharmaceutical Co. –Shreveport, LA
1993 to 1996
8800 Ellerbe Shreveport, LA71101
Chief Stationary Engineer of Central Plant
· Responsibilities: included (4) 1000 tons Trane Centrifugal Units, (4) 250 PSI water tube steam Ryans D.I. Water system, 4 Culligan water softeners. Also responsibilities submit time sheets, scheduling of shifts, man-hour reports, monthly reports, weekly reports, chemical reports. Compressors, Super Cooled Systems, Automatic Controls for Boilers & Chillers, Barbare / Colman, Blue Prints, P.I.D. Fiber Optic Systems. February 1996 went to Saudi Arabia (company was sold to B.A.S.F).


Terry McPartland Portfolio Manager Cushman & Wakefield Verizon Accounts
Address: Conklin Street Farmingdale NY 11735
Phone: (516) 454-9989
CELL: (516) 238-3943


English: A danger sign with a ten figure grid ...
English: A danger sign with a ten figure grid reference An Environment Agency Wales sign warning of the dangers of the steep sides of the drainage channels in this area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1)What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘danger’?
2)Do you like danger?
3)Have you ever been in danger?
4)What dangers are there in your house?
5)Do you do things in your life to avoid danger?
6)What is the most dangerous thing you’ve done?
7)Do you know any dangerous people?
8)What are the dangers of your job?
9)Which part of our lives are most dangerous?
10)Would you like to join a dangerous sports club?

1)What is danger?
2)Why do some people like danger?
3)What dangers do you see around you every day?
4)What do you do when you are in danger?

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