The Life of a Mosquito   Leave a comment

white long sleevesI awake, I am sealed in a clear bubble, it breaks and I am in the water, I move my wing’s and body splashing all that I can.  I wash on to land and try to stand, but my leg’s are so weak, I feel the solidness that of pushing my weight, I start moving my wing’s they are wet and heavy, it takes all my strength to push them up and down, the ball of light is drying me I feel the warmth, and it feel’s good.  I feel a pain in my middle, I see other’s 1000’s of these other’s that are squirming around and some are drinking the liquid in the bag, so I try it, and oh the taste is so good, and the pain in my middle stop’s, what is this called? food, that is great, I can see color, bright through what look’s like tall stick’s, maybe tree would be the word to use, moving has become easier now with that bright light upon my body, what am I? what could I be? where am I? I will talk to others to see, Ha! you where are we? what are we? this thing with wing’s was moving away from me with out speaking, I will try again.  Ha! you come here, what are you? where are we? it look’s at me with a surprise look, strange, it just looked at me and walked away.  The wind that blow’s across my body feels good, there is a smell in the wind, the walk tires me so, I feel the need to discover what I am why I am here how did I get here.  The more I dry the stronger I get the weight that was holding me down is now so much less.  Now, walking is strange each leg has a movement on it’s own, front to back and back to front, looking back to the others I noticed that they have a long nose, looking! Do I? have the same strange long nose? I will push and see what will happen, OH my there is an tube pushing out my mouth, long and straight, it touch’s the ground, the dirt stick’s to this tube like thing.  I pull it back to my mouth, Yuk!! SPIT”” Yuk!! there are thing’s that do not taste good, Then what? do I eat to keep my pain gone?  There must be something that I drink or eat to keep the pain gone, OH!! look some of the other’s are moving up into the air! WOW!! look at them the color that shines around there body’s, WOW!! look at them float up and down, I will start trying to move these wing’s, “AHHH” moved up, now let’s try the next one, “AHHH” it is working, the sun is drying them very well, let see if we can move them a little faster, “YES” I can move them, OHH! I feel them getting lighter and lighter, There moving faster, and faster.  I am moving slowly, but it is getting easier, “WOW” my feet are just off the ground, I will push to a faster speed, “YEEEEEEEE” HAAAAA” I am about 12 inches off the ground, I will turn right, OHHHHH I hit the ground, What happen? I fell to the ground, here I lie, OH my, my body hurt’s, all over.  the pain is getting less, I must try again, many of the other long nose are leaving me behind.


Posted March 14, 2017 by Teacher Alvin in LEARNING ENGLISH

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