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Homeless in America

Homelessness can be anyone around the world.  There are over 1.5 million every year just in America

this site will help you understand what homelessness is and how you can help.  This Web Site is not asking for money. but you can help in other ways.
Tom, a local teacher, became homeless for 30 days to raise awareness for the homeless. Here’s what happened when he tried to “Get a Job” with multiple college degrees and a degree from the US Navy.
Ten Things you can do to help Homeless People
#01.   Bring any type of Soap.  (Shampoo, Body Soap, Hand Soap).
#02.   Bring Towels  (All Sizes).
#03.   Bring Paper  ( tissue, Bathroom, Writing Paper, Note Book, Construction Paper).
#04.   Bring Cigerettes Rolling papers.
#05.   Jobs that can been done in your home.
#06.   Be a Sponcer to one person (Help Teach him or her how to make it in this new World).
#07.   Jobs that can help them find there own homes.
#08.   Clothing (ANY) Children to old men and women.
#09.   Bring Fruit Baskets like when Welcome Wagon brought when I was a child.
#10.   Bring Your LOVE not the HATE
 Most of the people that find themselves in a Shelter or the Salvation Army system are the ones that fall through the crack in a system with to many guild lines that is to protect each person.  That is where the problem fall’s short.  Back when I was young the Church is the ones that help all the people in the city and towns.  But today’s world I don’t see the churches doing what was done 40yr ago. we rely on the SSI Food Stamps, and Fed and state help, I do see a lot done for the shelter by church “FOOD” is one of the things they do very well.  And GOD see’s that I am sure.  What this web will do is give you a  insight of what is needed by you I am not asking for money.
I want you to go and see and talk to the homeless!! Don’t be scared!! They are more scared of you, then you of them.
Bring some of the things I listed above and give it out to them, Very easy they will be sitting outside until 4pm 7 days a week.
Ask there names, ask what do you need? very easy to do this.

If you still need Sir: there are 3000 homeless in the NWA area, many of them want to work and they will work all day 7 days a week, they want a chance to get out of homelessness

Supervisor is Serge 903-421-7695

girl’s want painting job’s 479-966-8943

many men want plumbing job’s 479-301-1842

there are 30 men and about 30 women that want work



If you have ANY type of labor work that needs to be done big, small, ongoing, or 1 time, cash paid jobs. Give me a call/text anytime at or a free quote !

I am a jack of most labor trades.
I have experience and am skilled in-
Painting, Tile work, House remodeling, Flooring, RV repair, Moving,General Remodeling, Exterior painting, Sheet rock, ceiling repair,
Landscape, Organizing, Sales, Cleaning, Construction, Lawn care, Appliance installation, Counter tops,
Insulation, Project management, Sheet rock, Carpentry, Siding, Decking, Roofing, Furniture assembly,
Installing garage doors, Vehicle oil/brake changes,
And many other types of General Labor.
(no plumbing or electrical)

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