You’re minding your own business, traversing a city sidewalk, when suddenly you see a physical altercation — and it involves a man and a woman.

Image source: ManKind Initiative

Do you intervene?

Ah, but hang on a second. There’s a twist.

What if the woman is beating up the man?

Image source: via The Mirror

So…do you intervene?

A hidden-camera experiment by the ManKind Initiative claims that onlookers in public react in strikingly different ways depending on the aggressor’s gender, The Mirror reported.

In the first case, filmed in a London park, a male actor attacks his “girlfriend” in front of shocked witnesses — and they get involved very quickly.

There’s a threat to call police, and another witness adds: ”You don’t have to put up with that honey, he’s not worth it.”

Image source: ManKind Initiative via The Mirror

But in the second scenario when the female is the…