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Generation No. 1

  1. EMELINE1 DAVIS (WILLIAM FRANKLINA, JOHNB) was born Bet. 1846 – Feb 1849 in Carroll Co., AR1. She married (1) JESSIE HENRY2. She married (2) WHEELER2. She married (3) BILL HAMPTON2. She married (4) JAMES RILEY KING3,4 Jan 18704.

Notes for EMELINE DAVIS: 1850 census of Carroll Co., AR has Emeline being twin to Angeline.

Notes for JESSIE HENRY: Julia: ytt98@localaccess.com notes that Jessie and Emeline had four children: Alice, Martin, Roy and Rose.

Notes for WHEELER: Julia: ytt98@localaccess.com notes that Emeline and ? Wheeler were married late in life. Wm. Riley King stated they lived in Highlandville, MO; Blue Jacket, OK; Centralia, OK and then Galena, Stone County, MO. They also lived in Crailes Creek, MO for a time.


  1. i. ROY2 HENRY.





Children of EMELINE DAVIS and JAMES KING are:

  1. viii. MARY LULA2 KING, b. Abt. 1872; d. 1906, Ponce de Leon, Stone Co., MO.
  2. ix. WILLIAM RILEY KING, b. Abt. 1873; d. 31 Mar 1970, El Monte, CA.
  3. MATILDA KING5, b. Abt. 1877.

Generation No. 2


Child of ROY HENRY and ROSIE LEIGH is:

  1. EVA RENA3 HENRY, b. 06 Oct 1913; d. 03 Aug 1986.
  2. ROSE BELL2 HENRY (EMELINE1 DAVIS, WILLIAM FRANKLINA, JOHNB). She married (1) TONY OLIVER LEIGH 16 Sep 1910 in Christian Co., MO7, son of WILLIAM LEIGH and LENNIE DAVIS. She married (2) BERT EARLL Abt. 1915.

Child of ROSE HENRY and TONY LEIGH is:

  1. i. LORRINE3 LEIGH, b. 29 Apr 1912.
  2. MARY LULA2 KING (EMELINE1 DAVIS, WILLIAM FRANKLINA, JOHNB)8 was born Abt. 1872, and died 1906 in Ponce de Leon, Stone Co., MO. She married JOHN SIMS9.

Children of MARY KING and JOHN SIMS are:

  1. NELLIE CLEMTINE3 SIMS9, b. 1888.
  2. STELLA EMELINE SIMS9, b. 1891.

iii. EMMA JANE SIMS9, b. 1894.

  1. IVA BELLE SIMS9, b. 1897.
  2. ORA AGNES SIMS9, b. 1900.
  3. ALMA LEONA SIMS9, b. 1905.
  4. WILLIAM RILEY2 KING (EMELINE1 DAVIS, WILLIAM FRANKLINA, JOHNB)10 was born Abt. 1873, and died 31 Mar 1970 in El Monte, CA11. He married MILLIE JANE CROWELL 08 Feb 1899 in Galena, MO11.

Notes for WILLIAM RILEY KING: All of the following is from Julie (ytt98@localaccess.com )

Here is the list of names that are on the sheet from the Bible as they are put down.


Uncle John King ” Tate King ” Wesley King ” Jim Davis ” Frankie Davis ” Tom Davis ” King Davis


Three of papa’s grandpa’s brothers, (or Bill Davis’s brothers)

  1. Old uncle Tommy Davis 2. John Davis 3. Jonathan Davis

Tomy Davises kids

  1. Tomy Davis 2. Josh Davis 3. Jim Davis 4. Henry Davis

MY DAD’S HISTORY—by Dorothy J. Wright Revised 1976

Dad’s Mother’s name was Emeline Davis. She married Riley King in Jan. of 1871. She was married four times. First marriage she had 2 children, Mary Lula King, and William Riley King. The next marriage was to a Bill Hampton and they had one girl named Ginny (probably Virginia). The third husband was Jessie Henry. They had four children: Alice, Martin, Roy, and Rose. The fourth husband was named Wheeler. They were married late in life. Dad said that as a kid they lived in Highlansville, Mo., Blue Jacket, Oklahoma and then in Centralia Oklahoma or and then in or near Galina, in Stone County, Missouri. They also lived in Crailes Creek, Mo. for a time.

Dad’s Uncle Frank Davis, his mother’s brother, drew a pension because he got hurt in the Civil war, shoulder. Frank’s son, Jim Davis also drew a pension from the war. Frank gave his home to Jim when he died.

Dad often mentioned these names in his family. Ben, Willy, Lilly. Will and Sari, were twins of Uncle King Davis. Aunt Paula and Will Essic had Simese twins and they had to cut them from her. Could only save her. Aunt Paula also had Willie, Frank, Little Harvey, Betty, Lulie, and Dennie.

Dad’s Grandfather Davis was a big man and he had two brothers. Dad doesn’t remember their names.

Aunt Sis Wilkie (Dad’s mother’s sister) had Munz and one other boy. A boy Willie died.(Could this be Salina, Emalines sister.?)

Dad also spoke of Mary Jane and UncleJim Davis having Marilyn. She married a Melton.

He spoke of Fish Davis, Frank Davis, Steve Davis, Rubb Davis and Uncle Tate King. Also Matt and Margaret was the oldest, then Alley, Ellen, Dicy Lee, then Ginny. Ginny died young from something wrong with her blood.

Ginny Hampton, dad’s half sister had two babies out of wed-lock by a Negro, (Black) named Jim or James Weaver. They were taken away from her and raised by some one else. Alice Hamptons father, Bill Hampton was my dad’s first step-father. Bill Hampton was also a womanizer. Dad didn’t know whether his mother and Hampton were divorced or what.

Aunt Ann Davis, (Angelina) and Emeline Davis (Dad’s mother) were twins. Ann Married a Bob Lieuallen. (Lewallen) Their children were Deeds, Dumpy, Viny, Mary, Henry, Robert, and Charlie.

Uncle John King married a Martha Noe. They had George, Lidy Ann, Kim, Ellen, and Marion. Marion had two boys, Glen and Johnny.

There was an Uncle Jonathan Davis and an Uncle Tate King

Uncle Tom King, his youngest boy married a Miss May Dillard.

Great Aunt Caroline,(Dad’s fathers sister) had Molatto Grand children, Julia and Dick Logan

George King had sons, Marion, Johnny, Green, and Nim. His daughters were Nancy, Jane, Ellen, Emma, Liz, and Sidney.

Uncle Wesley King married late in life. He had no children.

Dad’s grandfather was Bill Davis on his Mother’s side, and his grandmother was Bets Davis.

Dad’s mother liked to cook and sew and make quilts. She was free hearted with food and her door was always open to anyone needing a good meal or a place to sleep for the night. She chewed tobacco as a lot of woman did back then. They raised corn, sweet potatoes, beans, sugar cane. They would make whole barrels of molasses.

Dad and Mother (Millie Jane Crowell) were married on February 8, 1899 in Galena, Mo. They moved to Ahsahka, Idaho in or around 1906.

Dad’s sister, Mary Lula, Or Lula married a John Sims. John Sims was a United Stes Marshall who served as a lawman for some time on the Strip, then returned to Ponce de Leon, Mo. It was Ponce de Leon where Lula Sims got sick and died in 1906 when Alma was 11 months old. She was buried in Crane, Mo, then John then moved to Ahsahka, Idaho near my mother and father, Millie, and William (Riley) King.

They had six daughters. Nellie Clemtine Sims, born 1888, Stella Emeline Sims, born 1891, Emma Jane Sims born 1894, Iva Belle Sims born 1897, Ora Agnes Sims, born 1900, and Alma Leona Sims born 1905. Nellie married Charley Keltner. They had three sons, Elmer, Almond, and Glen. Stella Sims died when she was 17 years old. She is buried in Crane, Mo, by her mother Lula. Emma Sims married a Frank Emerson. They had a son and two daughters, Ralph, Mary, and Nedra. Iva Sims married Bert Myers and had a son and three daughters. Raymond Harold the son was born at Orafina, Idaho on June 10, 1918 and died Dec, 2, 1918 with the World war flu epidemic. The three daughters were Vera, Wanda, and Donna. Ora Agnes Sims married Frank Merrick. They had two sons, Robert and Norman. Alma Leona Sims, married Melvin Robison. They had one son Richard. They moved to California sometime in the forties. Nellie (Sims) Keltner and family moved to Idaho not to long after her father,John Sims moved there. Nellie is buried in Lewiston, not far from where Iva Sims infant son, Raymond is buried.

Dad—William Riley King married my mother, Millie Jane Crowell on Feb. 8, 1899, in Galena Mo.

Julie ytt98@localaccess.com then writes: All of the above was put down by my Aunt Dorothy. She passed away on Feb. 24, 1982. The only one of her brothers and sisters still living is my mother, Virginia. She is 86 years old. She lives in Lewiston, Idaho.

Now here is a little of what I know. After my grandmother and grandfather King moved to Idaho, they homesteaded a piece of property, I believe at Orafino, Idaho. They had three children before they moved here, Leonard, Bliss, and Lula. They had six more after they moved to Idaho, Dorothy, Guy, Virginia, Mabel, Helen, and Earl. From what I understand, grandfather King started taking off for weeks and months at a time around 1907 or 1908. The way my grandmother put it to me was that he came home long enough to get her pregnant, then he was gone again. She never knew where he went but suspected it was back to Mo. and the family for long spells. She said that he used to ride the rails. That was his way of getting there. Hop a freight. Her folks had died when she was very young and she had lived in what would probably be called a foster home now, but she worked for her keep. So when grandpa would take off after they moved out here she wasn’t afraid to as she put it work for her keep again. She cooked for logging camps, cleaned houses anything to keep her family clothed and fed. Baby Earl and Helen died in 1920 with the World Flu epidemic. Helen was three and Earl was only a few months old. My grandfather was gone and grandmother didn’t know where to find him. After these two deaths grandmother decided that if she had to handle this kind of tragedy by herself then there was no reason to be married and she got a divorce. That took place in the early 1920’s. She opened her home to boarders and that is part of the way that she fed and housed her family for the next few years. Bliss died in or around 1924 of a Kidney ailment. Lula died in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s of a heart ailment. She was living in Long Beach, California at the time. Grandmother moved with her daughter (Mabel) to California in 1943 or 1944. Grandfather King had not been in the picture for many many years at this time. According to my mother, he had an alcohol problem by then and was a drifter. I don’t know how she found him when she also moved to California, but in my grandmother’s last years she again shared her home with my grandfather King and my mother was their care giver. Grandpa also played the fiddle and I understand in his younger years he loved to square dance.

That is about all for right now. I would love to have any History, dates of births and deaths, names, places that is known that was where family lived.

Generation No. 3


Child of LORRINE LEIGH is:



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