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Polish bloggers Agness and Cez (Contributed photo)

Polish bloggers react to firestorm after saying they’d rather
go hungry than eat Pinoy food
By Ces Rodriguez | Yahoo SHE – Sat, Mar 22, 2014 7:41 PM PHT
Do you agree that Pinoy food is “packed with salt, sugar and oil”?
Sure you do.
We live on sisig, lechon, bagoong, menudo and adobong baboy floating in lard. We dig the umami saltiness of “magic
powders” and the sodium overload of broth cubes. And we put sugar in our spaghetti.

‘Old and gross’
But let’s take that same phrase—“packed with salt, sugar and oil”—and attribute it to Polish food and travel bloggers Agness
(Agnieszka Walewinder) and Cez (Cezary Król), who went to Banaue, Cebu, Bohol, Manila and perhaps Vigan to sample the
local fare.
Let them say things like: “The fruits we bought at local markets daily looked and tasted old and gross” and “I had a massive
migraine, mood swings and heartbum (sic) caused by spicy and oily pork” and “The biggest disappointment was not trying
traditional Filipino dishes (because) we simply could not find them!”
Finally, let them title their blog entry, “I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Street Food Again!”

Readymade firestorm
And voila! A readymade firestorm dreamed up in viral heaven, thanks to what the bloggers called their “honesty” and what
many Pinoys thought was a gross insult to our culture (hashtag #PinprickedPinoyPride).
Uploaded on March 17, 2014 on eTramping.com, the post has generated 679 (moderated) comments (with more waiting in
the wings), raised hackles on Facebook and had writer Agness defending herself on Twitter.
It didn’t help either that the blog showed a black and white photo of Agness looking sickly and disheveled, with the caption,
“My ‘I’m starving but I don’t want to eat this food’ face”.

Among many things, people took issue with her photo of a hotdog sandwich which she captioned: “We asked for ‘longganisa’
which is Filipino famous sausage and this is what we were served – American style hot dog.”
Based on the single-serve condiment packs seen in the photo, commenters deduced that the hotdog was bought at a 7-11.


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