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hi and hello E & G International Language Center Mary knoll, Lanang Davao City Phone: 091 7712 2970 e-mail: Infoattoeng-ryugaku.Com This is an introduction for you to understand E&G International Language Center. We are an English Second Language School here in Davao, we have students that come from Korea and Japan. We teach them all the basic’s of the English language, to make their experiences better. We are asking for your kind help in finding Teachers for our great school. We are in the need of good teachers with an overall desire, and aptitude to teach other foreign students, this will be a great challenge but the teachers will have the chance to work and learn, teaching students from other country’s. We have a great establishment for the teachers and the students. When a teacher comes to our school they will be required to take a written test and to do a demo and show there ability to teach students, they will be observed by the head teachers and the manager of the school, if they can show that they have the excitement, the ability to help students grow in the English, we would love to talk and hire them. We would ask that you post our advertisement so that we can find good teacher for our great school; if they want an exciting and rewarding and challenging but fun job then we need them as much as they need us. Thank you Sincerely: E&G International Language Center Manager: Ashley ダバオE&G フィリピン 留学 英語 学校 語学留学 体験 口コミ 評判 ダバオ(DAVAO) E&G フィリピン 留学 英語 学校 口コミ 語学学校 評判!英会話 格安留学 体験^^フィリピン留学オンラインドットコム:EZ(イージー)留学


EveR-1, the world's second female android, can...

EveR-1, the world’s second female android, can express human emotions and have a conversation in Korean and English. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




A world of lonely singles finding comfort in the arms of a robot lover may be closer than expected in human hearts and minds. Only a few people have vowed romantic love for a life-size “RealDollsex doll or the virtual schoolgirls of the Japanese dating simulation gameLove Plus,” but scientists say that even the simplest toy robots or video games have shown how machines can manipulate human emotions.


Tomorrow’s sex robots or virtual companions still won’t inspire most people to abandon their boyfriends and girlfriends — at least not until such artificial beings can look and behave human without creeping anyone out. Instead, many more people may find themselves forming platonic bonds with the next generation of smarter robot toys or virtual assistants in their cars and smartphones.


“We’re not going to wake up someday and say ‘It’s OK to have a relationship with a robot,'” said Thalia Wheatley, a psychologist at Dartmouth College. “But it’s going to organically happen that we grow to depend on these things.”


Relationships short of romance have already blossomed more openly. Schoolkids and nursing home residents willingly hug, pet and kiss electronic toys such as the owl-like “Furby” and cuddly “Paro” seal without shame, and treat the simple robots like their own children. Battle-hardened U.S. soldiers have shed tears over wrecked robots and risked their lives to rescue malfunctioning machine companions.







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