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E & G International Language Center
Mary knoll, Lanang Davao City

Phone: 091 7712 2970
e-mail: Infoattoeng-ryugaku.Com



This is an introduction for you to understand E&G International Language Center.  We are an English Second Language School here in Davao, we have students that come from Korea and Japan.  We teach them all the basic’s of the English language, to make their experiences better.  We are asking for your kind help in finding Teachers for our great school.  We are in the need of good teachers with an overall desire, and aptitude to teach other  foreign students, this will be a great challenge but the teachers will have the chance to work and learn, teaching students from other country’s.  We have a great establishment for the teachers and the students.


When a teacher comes to our school they will be required to take a written test and to do a demo and show there ability to teach students, they will be observed by the head teachers and the manager of the school, if they can show that they have the excitement, the ability to help students grow in the English, we would love to talk and hire them.


We would ask that you post our advertisement so that we can find good teacher for our great school; if they want an exciting and rewarding and challenging but fun job then we need them as much as they need us.


Thank you

Sincerely:  E&G International Language Center

Manager:  Ashley


4 responses to “Schoolhouse Rock Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla (Pronouns)

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