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Non-English Proficient

Teacher Modeled Instruction

1.2 Uses phonics to decode words in context by blending sound units.

_ Use context, sentence structure, and sound to read the words in familiar stories

_ Use repetitive stories

_ Use enlarged text

_ Use Guided Reading*

_ Use Shared Reading*

_ Explore letters and sounds

_ Sort words by beginning sounds

_ Make personal dictionaries of known words

_ Explore sounds using:

– Bags of objects that begin with the target sound

-Label and sort

-Explore sounds using picture dictionaries

-Use Word Walls* and associated activities

Limited English Proficient

Teacher Guided Instruction

1.2 Uses knowledge of phonics and structural elements (e.g., syllables, basic prefixes, roots and suffixes) to decode unfamiliar words of one or more syllables in context to make meaning.

_ Use initial sound, known chunks and context to decode

_ Explore chunks, on-sets, rhymes* as they appear in text

_ Generate new words with chunks, on-sets and rhymes*

_ Combine on-set and rhyme from known words to create new words

_ Generalize to text reading

_ Use Words Sorts

_ Use Making Words

Fully English Proficient

Independent with Teacher as Monitor

1.2 Uses knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, roots, or base words to determine the meaning of words in context and recognize and use inflectional endings such as s, es, ed, ing, ly, est, and er, understanding that meaning may change with ending.

_ Expand Word Walls* and associated activities

_ Continue Making and Breaking*

_ Use Making Big Words

_ Use Tongue Twisters


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