What HAARP Is..?WHEN DO WE CHANGE THIS?   Leave a comment

You ever think that since these cats wrote the bible they are just playing out the events described therein I mean the church and state have always been in bed together and it seems that if you believe that HAARP is responsible for these events and I do, that they would use peoples beliefs to their advantage after all your not seeing the big picture if your only looking at half of it and you cant fight what you cant see. Just a thought.

I’m involved in the eco business. Learning about HAARP is fundamental in the study of meteorology. Any science involving the atmosphere has heard of this. It’s discussed integrally with intentional weather modification education. I haven’t watched the vid yet, but I know it can change the polarization of ions in the ionosphere (part of the magnetic field, visible during the auroras). Let’s see what the vid has to say…

yes they own the weather.they admit it.the program is called own the weather.the patents for it are easily found on the internet.They can stop a hurricane dead in its tracksInstead they just used it to pump up a hurricane and steer it into the east coast to influence an election.Brought to u by your freindly neighborhood CIA.(criminally insane anarchists)I pray for people to awaken and OPPOSE THE DECIEVERS!

What HAARP Is.. And Everything Its Used For.. Full HAARP Documentary CLICK BELOW:




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