RMS (Recommend My School)

RMS is a referral incentive program for people who can refer ESLstudents to our education consulting agency. If you have friends who want to study English anywhere in the world, just introduce our agency and we will handle consulting and enrollment. Get great rewards for every student who enrolls successfully.

Testimonials ~ ESL Teachers Success Stories ^o^

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“I earned Php 16,000 in less than a month just by referring students!!!”

Name: Teacher Elaine
School: CIP (Angeles City)
Incentives: PHP 16,000 (4 students x 8 weeks)

” I have a friend named Madel who told me that there are three Korean students who want to study in an English academy, so I told her to get the names and numbers of the students.I heard about this incentive program for teachers from my friend Henry who worked with Carmela before.I told him I know some students who want to study ESL and he asked Carmela to help us with the referral process.
So she contacted me and asked for the nationality and phone number and I gave her the info. I also recommended the school I am working in which is CIP in Angeles City. She told me that they have a Korean agent who will do the consulting. It is easier since they speak the same language and the agent can answer any questions from the students. After consultation, I was informed that the students decided to study in CIP for 8weeks each!

I was informed that once the student pays their tuition, RMS (Recommend My School) will give me my incentives.

Two weeks later, the students did enroll and BOOM! I got 12,000 pesos!

Around the same time, my old student who is back in Korea told me that her friend wants to study in the Philippines. She asked me if home stay or language school is better so I told her that language school is better since it is safer. I also asked for the student’s number and gave it to Carmela for consultation. Their Korean agent called the student and explained about studying abroad in the Philippines.

I recommended my school and BOOM! Another 4,000 pesos since the student decided to enroll for 8 weeks.

I’m so happy to have helped my students and I also got a total of PHP 16,000!!!

I just received them yesterday, June 21. This has helped me a lot. I hope I can refer more students.

So I also encourage you to refer students to your own school. You will not have a hard time consulting since RMS will always be there to help you and take care of the students. They also give them discounts so I really recommend it. I’ve also known them for almost a year now so no worries!

Let’s promote English in our country! “

“I earned Php 6,000 in a snap!!!”

Name: Aldi Maranoc
Profession: Freelance English Teacher
Incentives: Php 6,000 (1 student x 6 weeks)

Do you rack your brain wondering how to make money at home?

If you are looking for something “new” where you can make extra pocket cash but at the same time helping foreign students then you may want to consider Recommend My School referral incentive program.

I earned 6,000 pesos in few simple steps. It’s a snap!

What did I exactly do?

I just referred a student who wants to study here in the Philippines. I was talking to my Japanese friend online and she told me that she wants to study English in the Philippines. She asked me a lot of information about different schools, courses, etc. As much as I wanted to help her, I only know few academies here in the Philippines. Then I remembered Carmela who works for Recommend My School. I thought that she is the right person to talk to and she can give my friend all the necessary information she needs. I just gave Carmela my friend’s Facebook account so the two of them can talk. I didn’t do any negotiation.

After three weeks, I received a message from Carmela saying that my friend has decided to enroll in one the English academies here in the Philippines and that I will be receiving 6,000 pesos cash incentive since my friend will study here for 6 weeks.

Recommend My School program is really helpful. I get to help my foreign friends, I earn money instantly, and I get to meet them here in the Philippines often. How cool is that!


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