THATS WHAT I AM (2011) the first kiss   2 comments


Its true, the bible conveys that same sexed people should not be together, says The God that created us..Yet Christian‘s are to show love.. love also means having Tolerance..Nobody should ever hate someone because they are gay, black, ugly or whatever it is about that person that they dont you like..the ones who insists on being evil are in fact the ones w/ the problem. Its not up to us lowly humans to judge or throw stones..I know these words will not truly make a difference…

The movie feels like a long version of The Wonder Years as we follow a teenage boy in the ’60s discovering the great mysteries of life in a coming-of-age movie. He is given an assignment by his teacher that involves him working with an unpopular student. In addition to having to worry about his cooties status by dealing with the unpopular group of students, he also has to deal with a bully, a father that doesn’t communicate too well, and his first crush. While all that is going on in his life, his teacher’s career is threatened by a rumor that Randy Orton‘s character threatens to go public with.



2 responses to “THATS WHAT I AM (2011) the first kiss

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  1. That’s true sir.

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