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To all my students at CIP  I have been trying  to teach you english for almost three years but,  the  management wishes to bring in non qualified teachers and gay men to teach ESL ( english as a second language).  I have tried in vain to teach my best in english so that you will become a great english speaker someday.  The management has hired non qualified teachers including gay men to try to teach you english in a very poor passion.  I cannot change the situation.  So I hope you find a good school that will teach you good english and how to pronounce it  properly.  For over two years, I have tried to make CIP a very good school, but what I see it is getting worst…… I hope you find a good school to learn good english in the future or follow me in my blogs where I will teach you all english.  I hope that you will follow my blogs to learn more english than what’s in the english books that you are learning from. 

I hope and pray that you learn english from my blogs than any books can teach you.  Thank you for being my students,  and  I hope to see you all soon where ever will my new school  might be…


Teacher Alvin Davis


Posted October 22, 2012 by Teacher Alvin in LEARNING ENGLISH

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