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Category:Wikipedians interested in the Falklan...
Category:Wikipedians interested in the Falkland Islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





1) What makes South America South American?
2) How are South Americans different from each other?
3) How powerful is South America as a continent?
4) What are your favorite South American images and why do you like them?
5) Do you think South America has an interesting history?
6) What are South America’s biggest problems?
7) What are the differences between South America and North America?
8) Do you think South America has the potential to change the world?
9) What is the most important South American country?
10) What would you choose as the symbol of South America and why?






1) What is great about South American art and culture?
2) How are South Americans different from people from other continents?
3) What does it mean to be South American?
4) Are South Americans the best football (soccer) players?
5) What has South America given to the world?
6) Do you think there is a South American culture?
7) What countries do you think have the fiercest rivalries in South America?
8) Who is the greatest ever South American?
9) What does South America do better than other continents?
10) How do you think South America will change in the next 100 years?


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