What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘sexism’?   6 comments


1) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘sexism’?
2) What is sexism to you?
3) Have you ever been a victim of sexism?
4) Is it always women who suffer because of sexism or can men suffer too?
5) What kind of sexism is there in your society?
6) What would you do if you heard someone in the street making very sexist comments?
7) Does sexism go down when a country’s leader is a woman?
8) Which “ism” is worse, sexism or racism?
9) Does making little girls wear dresses and like the color pink create sexism?
10) Which countries do you think have made great progress in addressing sexism?


Zero sexism?

Zero sexism? (Photo credit: Johannesen)





1) What exactly is sexism?
2) Does sexism exist in your family?
3) How would the world be different without sexism?
4) Have you ever done anything that is sexist or made any sexist comments?
5) Do you think sexism will always be a part of our society?
6) Should the problems surrounding sexism be addressed at an early age in schools?
7) Is it possible for sexism to completely disappear?
8) What examples of sexism do you see on TV or on the Internet?
9) How did it come to be that men discriminated against women?
10) Do you know any examples of sexism in your language?


English: A magazine feature from Beauty Parade...

English: A magazine feature from Beauty Parade from March 1952 stereotyping women drivers. It features Bettie Page as the model. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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