Why do business people focus on the bottom line so much?   Leave a comment

Company year-end-party - 08

Company year-end-party – 08 (Photo credit: rieh)





1) Why do business people focus on the bottom line so much?
2) Do you break even at the end of the month, or are you in the red, or even in the black?
3) Do you like numbers and statistics? Are you a number cruncher?
4) Does it take you a long time to figure out something? Can you do it in your head or do you need a calculator?
5) What do you think of the credit squeeze? Are you borrowing less spending less on your credit card because of it?
6) Have you ever written a check / check that bounced? Did it cause you any problems? Did you have to pay bank charges?
7) Are you into stocks and shares? Have you ever bought a stake in a company?
8) Have you ever taken a calculated risk? Did you need a calculator?
9) Why do you think estimating a number uses the language of baseball? People say “C’mon. Gimee a ballpark figure
10) Why do you think a CEO is sometimes referred to as the big cheese?






1) Have you cut back on anything recently? Do you like these cutbacks?
2) How often do you think companies cut corners? How is this?
3) Have you ever helped draw up a contract?
4) Do other people’s mobile phones ever make your temper become thin?
5) What do you need to do to get a company off the ground?
6) How do you stop a company from going belly up?
7) Is it only water and drinks companies that have liquid assets?
8) Have you ever got fed up with red tape?
9) Why do things that sell quickly sell like hotcakes?
10) What things can either nosedive or skyrocket?
A self-service pump for diesel fuel. To the ri...

A self-service pump for diesel fuel. To the right, a credit card payment terminal. At a Preem petrol station in Avesta, Dalarna, Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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