Do you like salad?   2 comments



Salad (Photo credit: adactio)





1) What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘salad’?
2) What are your favorite salads?
3) Are salads from your own country or those from other countries best?
4) Do you eat salad every day?
5) Where can you find the best salad bar?
6) Do you think being a salad chef would be an interesting job?
7) What’s best, pasta, rice, potato or macaroni salad?
8) What ingredients do you hate in salads?
9) Do you ever think salad is boring?
10) Can you eat salad for breakfast every day?






1) Do you like salad?
2) Are all salads healthy?
3) Do you prefer mayonnaise or salad dressing on salads?
4) What does the perfect salad contain?
5) Which would you prefer right now, a vegetable salad or a fruit salad?
6) Which came first, the chicken salad or the egg salad?
7) Is there such a thing as an unhealthy salad?
8) “My salad days, when I was green in judgment, cold in blood.” (William Shakespeare) What does this mean?
9) If you had to “design” a special salad, what would you put in it?
10) Could you live on a diet of salad?


Avocado fruit salad

Avocado fruit salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










































































2 responses to “Do you like salad?

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