Do you know anyone whose bark is worse than their bite?   Leave a comment

A dog with no name

A dog with no name (Photo credit: chrischapman)




1) Do you know anyone whose bark is worse than their bite?
2) Do you think it’s a real dog-eat-dog world in the 21st Century?
3) Are you hopeful that every dog has his day, and you’ll have yours one day or some time in the future?
4) Have the government services in your country gone to the dogs, or are they still very good?
5) Is the best hangover cure really the hair of the dog that bit you?
6) Does someone look good if they’re done up like a dog’s dinner?
7) When was the last time you were totally, totally dog tired?
8) If you worked like a dog, would you work very hard or not hard at all?
9) Have you ever thrown someone to the dogs ( a younger brother or sister perhaps) to protect yourself from harm or punishment?
10) Are there any interesting dog idioms in your language?







1) Do you family or friends ever put you in the doghouse if you do wrong?
2) Do you think you’d be happy or sad for leading a dog’s life?
3) If someone asks to be excused and leaves, telling you they have to see a man about a dog, do you think they’re going to buy a pet?
4) Do people tell shaggy dog stories in your country (a kind of joke that goes on, and on, and on…)?
5) If you have your tail between your leg, have you won or lost?
6) Have you ever worked somewhere where the tail wags the dog?
7) Who is the top dog in your class or circle of friends?
8) Can you be too old to study and that it’s right that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
9) To keep the peace, do you always let sleeping dogs lie?
10) Do you ever bark up the wrong tree and accuse someone innocent of doing something wrong?



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