What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘prayer’?   2 comments

The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘prayer’?
2) What do you pray for?
3) Are your prayers always answered?
4) Do you feel different after you pray?
5) Is it possible to pray for something bad?
6) Is it selfish to pray for something for yourself?
7) Do you think prayer time should be a part of school life?
8) Do you think something has gone wrong if a prayer is unanswered?
9) Do you believe in the healing power of prayer?
10) Is it important to say a prayer before and after meals?
1) How often do you pray?
2) What’s your favorite prayer?
3) Where is the best place to pray?
4) Can you take lessons on how to pray better?
5) What do you think all people should pray for?
6) How can you prove to someone who doesn’t believe in prayer that it works?
7) Do you think people who pray have better lives?
8) What do you think of prayer groups?
9) If you could have one prayer answered, what would it be?
10) Do you think the prayers you make up are better than the prayers found in holy books?

2 responses to “What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘prayer’?

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  1. I love to pray. When I pray, I am talking to God. I can talk to Him about anything at anytime. It does not have to be reverently spoken. God gives us the ability to pray…if you don’t pray…fire won’t come down and burn you. Anyone can pray to God or to whom the believe is their higher power. You just need to BELIEVE that your prayers will be answered. Just start talking to God or your higher power. Have you ever heard a child pray? Pray like a child does…be honest and don’t worry who might be listening or than God.
    Wonderful post…I like the questions you have asked. I never really thought to ask, I just talk to God. 🙂

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