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Alvin Lester DavisStationary Engineer/English Teacher                        63st. blk 88 lot 07 mauaque                                                                                             Resettlement Mabalacat Pampanga

Zip:  2010          

Phone: 63- 09273551520 E-Mail: also Skype


Summary of



:: Supervising mechanics on Central Plant equipment and Boiler Rooms for Industrial Plant, Hospitals and Airports.In excess of 15 years with civilian and mechanical engineering equipment concerned with the maintenance and repairs of wide range of equipment in boiler rooms operation and maintenance such as four (4) units of oil fired high temperature water boilers with a capacity of 45,000,000 BTU/hr. per unit and four (4) Centrifugal Refrigeration Units with a capacity of 5000 tons per unit, Water and Waste Treatment Plants, Utilities Supports, and D.I. system for a Pharmaceutical Company. 

Qualification and Training:


Boiler seminarA/C School in OSU College Oklahoma State U.S.A. ASS..Secret Clearance

Fiber Optic / Solar Design/ Engineering Classes

Facilities Engineering BA


CIP school in Angeles City

Jan 2010 to Present

Teaching Korean and Japanese student all English subjects\

Now as of May 06 2011 I am Head Teacher of 58 Teachers and 80 Students at CIP

Web site:




Shane English School

Dongying China

Jan 2009 to Sept 2009

Teaching English to 5yr to 15yr old Chinese children class size 8 to 32

200 students a week. Basic English to advanced English Night Class 20yr to 40yr people

Skill’s Interviews, passing SAT for enrollment for the USA




5745 Peladeau St

Emeryville CA US 94508


Master Mechanic for 22 Buildings with Pharm Equipment, as Boilers, Chillers,  Sterilizers,

P.M’s Corrective Maintenance.








7901 Freeport Blvd

Sacramento CA. 95832                  

2005 to 2006


Phone:  916-665-3206

Supervisor: Rene’ Sacrarodt

Responsibility:  Chillers, Boilers, H.V.A.C. System in the Building.  P.M.’s Corrective Maintenance On all Building System’s, including but not limited to VAV, Air-Handlers, Cooling Towers, Helping the Electricians on there Craft as well. 



Stationary Engineer


UNIT 15367 APO South Korea. AP 96271-5367

 2002 to 2005                                             COMPUTER SCIENCES CORP.           FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH

                                                                         45154 UNDERWOOD LANE                       Teaching English A.C.T.

                                                                            Sterling, Virginia 20166                          Collage Students

Phone:     703-318-2800

Fax:         703-318-2888

 Job Title:  HVAC Engineer: Repair of Chillers, Boilers, working with Building Control Systems.

Supervising HVAC tech’s for all Army Bases in South Korea


2001-2002                           Yamas Controls:

                                          :  Working with Company’s as Genentech, Highland Hospital, Our Lady of


                                              Responsibilities: Repair of Chillers, Boilers, Air-Handling Units, Controls

                                              Equipment:  Trane, Clever-Brooks, Westinghouse, Carrier, Copeland.

                                              Left Company to go overseas.


1996 to 2000                                                          Saudi Oger Ltd

                                                           King Khalid International Airport Project

                                                           Utilities Division, Heating & Cooling Section

                                                          P.O. Box 12702, Riyadh 11483   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia                                                                                                                                   


Job Title: Supervisor, H&C Maintenance


Duties &Responsibilities : Supervising Maintenance personnel of Central Plant Heating & Cooling Section composed of Foremen, Lead Mechanics, Mechanics, HVAC Personnel, I&C Technicians, and Plant Electricians.Responsibilities: include plant machinery’s e.g. four (4) Centrifugal Refrigeration Units, each with a capacity of producing 5000 tons per hour of chilled water, four (4) diesel fuel oil fired high temperature water boilers, each with a capacity of producing 45,000,000 BTU per hour with an output temperature of 204OC, six (6) cooling towers and fans, CHW & HTW piping                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Equaling a total length of 12.8 Kilometers.   In addition, submitting daily, weekly and monthly reports to the Superintendent and Project Manager.

Maintenance Duty Officer: On many occasions assumed the duties and

Responsibilities for all contractual decisions and work co-ordinations at the KKIA Airport during night shifts and weekends.


1993 – 1996                                                   Boot’s Pharmaceutical Co.

              910 Ellerbe Rd, Shreveport,

                                                                        Louisiana 71101, USA

                                                       Chief Stationary Engineer of Central Plant

Responsibilities: included (4) 1000 tons Trane Centrifugal Units, (4) 250 PSI water tube steam Ryans D.I. Water system, 4 Culligan water softeners.  Also responsibilities submit time sheets, scheduling of shifts, man-hour reports, monthly reports, weekly reports, chemical reports.  Compressors, Super Cooled Systems, Automatic Controls for Boilers & Chillers, Barbare / Colman, Blue Prints, P.I.D. Fiber Optic Systems.  February 1996 went to Saudi Arabia (company was sold to B.A.S.F).

 1991 – 1993                                                  American Towers

                                                                 102 North Market, Shreveport,

                                                                     Louisiana 71107, USA


                                            Chief Stationary Engineer for 16 Stories Office Building

Responsibilitiesincluded to supervise (6) Stationary Engineers, (2) Cleverbrook’s Steam Boilers, Maintenance and Repair, Operations, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Budgeting for $1,000,000 a year Maintenance & Operation. 

1983 – 1991                                                  Schumpert Hospital

                                                                  915 Margaret St. Shreveport,

                                                                      Louisiana 71107, USA

                                                                     Stationary Engineer :

Operations & Maintenance of Steam System, included autoclaves, boilers, 150,000 LB steam per hour, water softeners, (4) 1000 tons Trane Centrifugal Units, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Comperssors, D.A. tank operations & maintenance heat exchanger units, emergency systems.   Mogal water treatment daily assessment.Babcox & Wilcox steam boilers with 26 Turbine Generators. 

Special Skills:

           Memory Logic, Reading & Interpretation, Problem Solving, Electronic Technology, Blue Prints.

Hobbies:  Golf, Table Tennis, Chess, Card Games, Socializing, Church Activities, Problem Solving.

Goals:  To excel and to be the best in my profession

                 To create harmony and to be a positive boost to the team

                 To continue learning so I can advance myself as a professional.

Personal Profile:   An experienced Heating & Cooling Engineer having substantial professional expertise in installing, Commissioning, Maintenance and Operations of most types of Heating and Cooling Systems which include hot and cold water supplies Steam, Chilled Water, High Temperature Water, Gas Supplies, Oil Supplies, Heat Recovery, High Purity Water Systems, Chemical Injection System, OSHA standards, MMS System, LIS System, P.M.’s, C.M.’s, Preventive Maintenance, Planning and completing projects.  D.I. Water Systems.

Personality:    Sociable, Professional, Loyal, Innovative, Organized, Systematic, and Punctual.

                               Strive for excellence in whatever I do.


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