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Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oct 16, 2012

This is how I became a Teacher of ESL, in 1996 my wife and I divorced, and at that time I was working for a company called Boot’s Pharmaceutical, and the company had been sold to BASF company, so I decided I needed a change, at Boot’s we all were offered job placement anywhere we wanted, and I was a Engineer at the time, so I waited Saudi Oger made me a offer, Supervisor of a big project in Saudi Arabia I took it,  well there very few western on this project, out of 6000 people there were 20 westerns there Brit’s American, Scott’s, in other post I described the first few day there.  Anyway  at night time we had very little to do so I started teaching English day time and night time to Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Philippino’s we also had computer classes it was cool. After leaving Saudi Arabia  4yr I went back home for awaile, but the overseas bug hit again I went to Marshal Island  then Korea, 4yr there as a Engineer at day time, at night I taught ESL/SAT to collage student, it was great I found I enjoyed teaching, after that 4yr I went to San-fran.   Took night classes and got my TOFEL it was easy, not like a SAT test, so then to CHINA I was offered a job in Dongying great place.

Now the Story:  China, Shane School, it was January when I arrived, “COLD” a guy picked me up at the airport “ALEX” great guy, for 3 days I waited to go to work, and I bought a phone, and eat out at the little restaurant  around the hotel, Alex came and got me and took me to a big apartment complex, and on the building 5 and on the 5th floor, was a 3 bedroom apartment, it had everything I would ever need even a 50 gallon fish tank, I went and meet a guy named Steve Ford, you can see him on youtube, Teaching teachers, well 2 weeks with him WOW I was ready, So that next Saturday and Sunday was our big classes, my group classes had 32 students all 9yr old, I have taught men and college students “BUT” 9yr old? OMG, I was scared the first day, I started out teaching from a book, and a young Chinese guy show up his name is Lin.. Introduces himself to me and we become best friends, these group classes as a teacher you have to be strong in china, or the students will run the class. One of the western teachers was having a big problem in his class, he called them animals, but it is the teacher that has to set the standards, My student grew so fast it amazed me. How smart they are and how fast they pick up the English faster than in America students.  ESL works,  I have two children, if there was a ESL school in America my children would have gone to that school.  The English classes in America was awful when I was growing up, anyway, I stayed one yr, and miss it very much, not because of china, but the students I love them all Oh! There I had 200 students a in two days, we only worked 20 hours a week.

I had to leave china for a new VISA so I go to the Philippines thinking ok in and out, “GREAT” nope!!!!

Manila had flooded, china embassy closed, I waited 2 weeks, then, it was holiday again Chinese new year. So most of my stuff in china and me with just one bag,  I looked on line found a school called AELC ESL school it was ok for about 2 months, and still I am here in the Philippines,  I got a call from louie, CIP school, to work teaching Korean, Japanese students, there we have one-on-one, and group classes, but the group classes are 4 to 6 students easy work but the pay by American standard is very bad,

Ok  for now…….Alvin   

Map of the territory and area covered by prese...

Map of the territory and area covered by present-day Saudi Arabia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Own work, adapted from Wikipedia blan...


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