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Learn English as a second language!!!

parts of speech

August 8, 2012

Listed below are English parts of speech. Every word has a name and job, and is used to express in detail how you want to communicate.
Nouns: A person, place, or thing. (John, hospital, book…)
Articles: Identifies and specifies a noun. (A, an, the…)
Verbs: Identifies action or state of being. (Talk, run, eat…)
Adverbs: Describes a verb, adjective, or other adverb. (Often, slowly…)
Adjectives: Describes a noun. (Blue, soft, round…)
Pronouns: Takes place of a noun. (Me, you, he, she…)
Prepositions: Shows relationships between words. (To, from, over…)
Conjunctions: FANBOYS (For, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
Interjections: Expresses emotion. (Ouch! Wow!)

To be a sentence, it must have a subject and a predicate. A subject is what the sentence is about, predicate describes actions and details that follow.

1) John baked the bread early in the morning; it was warm, crispy, and delicious.
2) When Polly fell off her bike over the bumpy road, she scraped her knee and lost her dolly.
3) Henry shouted, “Yay!” when he found he had gotten the A he wanted in science class.

Additional parts of a sentence…
Infinitives are a verb’s foundation. In English, every infinitive starts with “To…” such as: To do, To make, To eat, To sleep… Then to use the verbs, you conjugate those verbs to express present, past, future tenses.
But sometimes you can use the infinitive itself in a sentence… This only happens when you use a conjugated verb in front of it.

ex. I want to make a pizza. (You conjugated “to want”, but expressed what you wanted to do.)



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