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English: Animated world ocean map (GIF), exhib...

English: Animated world ocean map (GIF), exhibiting various oceans. Azimuthal distance projection map is based on world map from this online Java tool by Henry Bottomley and altered using CorelDraw/PhotoPaint, et al. Map is centered on 85° W, 45° S, rotated 90° CCW (North Pole is to the left). Ocean boundaries per International Hydrographic Organisation. blue: ocean black: other substantial bodies of water (viz. Caspian Sea, Great Lakes) white: land green dotted line: map periphery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





1) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘ocean’?
2) Are you an ocean or a mountain person?
3) What adjectives would you use to describe oceans?
4) What experiences have you had in your life with oceans?
5) How important are oceans?
6) Would you like a job as an oceanographer?
7) What’s the scariest thing about oceans?
8) In what ways are you like an ocean?
9) What are the most beautiful creatures living in the oceans?
10) How do the oceans affect the weather?






1) What is an ocean?
2) What’s the difference between an ocean and a sea?
3) What fun things can you do in the ocean?
4) Do you have different images of the different oceans in the world?
5) What would you like to know about oceans?
6) What would you do if you owned a whole ocean?
7) What do you know about the El Nino effect?
8) Do you think there should be more ocean than land or more land than ocean?
9) Are the world’s oceans in danger? How can we protect them?
10) What scary monsters live at the very, very bottom of the ocean?



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