What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘panic’?   Leave a comment

Dont Panic

Dont Panic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





1) What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘panic’?
2) How do you usually panic?
3) Have you ever panicked while using a computer?
4) Do you keep a cool head while you are panicking?
5) Have you ever seen panic in the streets?
6) Have you ever suffered a panic attack?
7) Why do some people panic in a situation when other people remain calm?
8) Why do men panic when women cry?
9) Do you think you’re a good person to have around in times of panic?
10) Have you ever panicked because of money?






1) Are you a panic?
2) What makes you panic?
3) Do you panic if you oversleep?
4) When was the last time you hit the panic button?
5) Who is the biggest panic you know?
6) What is the medical reason for panic?
7) What’s the best way for people to overcome panic?
8) Can you hide your panic from other people or do you rush to the panic stations and totally lose control?
9) What do you do to calm down someone who is panicking?
10) Have you ever done something because of panic that you now regret?



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