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Provinces and regions of the Philippines

Provinces and regions of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a engineer, I was in the Philippines doing some down time, and when I left I went to the Airport in manila airpot, this was about 5pm Sept 10 2001, when I got through all the check’s at the Airport, and there was about 7 of them just to get to the gate I was to fly out back to San Fransico Ca. there was military personnal all over the airpot, first time I had ever seen that, and when I got to the gat there was a table set up stopping me from going in and set down and waitting on the plane, the lady was nice but the officer and I guess army guy next to her, looked strange she checked my boarding pass and plane ticket very long time looked at me a long time, I felt like I had done something wrong, after I sat down two other white american guys was next to me, and I laughed and said what is all this, this has never been this way, they just said nothing, I said I want coffee and to smoke, 20 feet from us was a smoking area under glass and inside they sell cig’s, and coffee and drink’s we got up and started to go there, that same lady with a high voice said to both of us you must leave your passport’s with us and take a number, at this time I went red, never had this been the way in any airport, the guy with me was going to new york, he said Awww this is nothing, but you could feel the high tence in the air, anyway I got to San-Fran my friend woke me up in the morning screaming usa was under attack, I turned on the T. V. and saw what every one else saw, did usa know? yes of course, and had told all other country’s also.




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