What do you know about Mars?   2 comments

English: Historical map of planet mars from Gi...

English: Historical map of planet mars from Giovanni Schiaparelli Deutsch: Historische Karte der Marsoberfläche nach Giovanni Schiaparelli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




1) What do you know about Mars?
2) Do you think there was/is life on Mars?
3) Martians are from Mars; do you know what life forms on other planets might be called?
4) Are you interested in the secrets Mars holds?
5) Would you like to go to Mars one day?
6) Why are scientists so interested in Mars?
7) Do you think it’s possible that one day, many people will live on Mars?
8) What do you think of the idea often described by scientists that life started on Mars and moved to Earth, which means we are Martians?
9) What would you like to know about Mars?
10) Why is Mars red?





1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘Mars’?
2) Are men really from Mars and women from Venus?
3) What time of the year do you think would be the best time to visit for a holiday (and why)?
4) Would you rather live on the Moon or Mars?
5) What references to Mars do you know of in your country’s popular culture (movies, novels, songs, cartoons…)?
6) What are the similarities and differences between the Mars chocolate bar and the planet Mars?
7) What do you think the good and bad things about living on Mars might be?
8) What name would you give to the first city on Mars?
9) What do you think you would write on a postcard from Mars?
10) How would you feel if you read this headline: “Ancient human fossils found on Mars”?



2 responses to “What do you know about Mars?

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