What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘magic’?   Leave a comment

England's Home of Mystery

England’s Home of Mystery (Photo credit: Nik Taylor)





1) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘magic’?
2) Do you like watching magic shows?
3) What’s your favorite magic trick and why?
4) Would you like a magic carpet? Where would you go on it?
5) What role does magic play in your culture?
6) Do you think magic is something good or dangerous?
7) What equipment do you need to do magic?
8) What books and movies about magic do you like?
9) Do you think a magician is an artist?
10) What questions would you like to ask a magician?





1) What is magic?
2) Do you believe people can do magic?
3) What do you know about black magic?
4) What would you do with a magic wand if you had one? Where would you wave it?
5) What did you think of magic when you were a kid?
6) Which did you believe in first; love, faith or magic?
7) Does anyone you know have a magic touch with people / things?
8) Is there a magic formula to studying English?
9) What is the most magic moment in your life?
10) What magic powers would you like to have?



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