What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘learning’?   Leave a comment

English: Action learning

English: Action learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




1) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘learning’?
2) What do you know about learning?
3) When do you think we first start learning?
4) What kinds or methods of learning do you like best?
5) Why are some people better at learning than others?
6) Do you have any learning difficulties?
7) What is the best learning experience you’ve had?
8) How can you make sure learning is always fun?
9) Do you think you’ll always be involved in lifelong learning?
10) Do you think learning by doing or learning by listening is best?





1) Are you good at learning new things?
2) When you learn new things, is there always a steep learning curve?
3) What’s the difference between teaching and learning? Does teaching always lead to learning?
4) Does learning always make you motivated to do things?
5) What tips on learning would you give to other people?
6) Do you think we ever stop learning? Are we ever too old to start learning something new?
7) What’s the unhappiest you’ve been while learning something?
8) What good and bad experiences have you had learning English?
9) Confucius said: ‘Thought without learning is perilous.’ Do you agree?
10) Is learning something new ever a total waste of time?



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