What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘investment’?   Leave a comment

Investment percent gdp

Investment percent gdp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘investment’?
2) How important is it to invest?
3) Do you think you’ll have a lot of investments when you’re older?
4) What kind of things can you invest in?
5) Do you like reading about investments?
6) Would you like to put money into an investment bank?
7) Is your country a good place to invest?
8) What things do you think are risky investments?
9) If you had just one dollar, what would you invest it in and why?
10) How is it possible to invest in people? Is this a good idea?





1) What investment opportunities that you missed do you wish you’d taken advantage of?
2) What investment advice have you heard recently?
3) Do you think you are/would be a cautious or risky investor?
4) What risks are there investing in the stock market?
5) What rates or return would you want/expect on money you invest?
6) Is there a history in your family of people making investments?
7) How far do you trust people with your money?
8) When should people start investing their money?
9) How confident are you / would you be with investing your money?
10) What question would you like to ask an investment expert?



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