What do you imagine when you hear the word ‘hangover’?   Leave a comment


HANGOVER (Photo credit: mariotto52)





1) What do you imagine when you hear the word ‘hangover’?
2) Do you get hangovers?
3) What is the best cure for a hangover?
4) Why do some people get worse hangovers than others?
5) Do you have any sympathy for people with a hangover?
6) Do you think having a bad hangover is a good excuse to take a day off sick from work?
7) Why don’t people stop drinking forever after a bad hangover?
8) What are the symptoms of a hangover?
9) What do people usually do when they have a hangover?
10) Do you think scientists will ever produce a cure for hangovers?





1) How long do hangovers last for?
2) What do you think when you see someone nursing a hangover?
3) Do you think hangovers are or can be dangerous?
4) Has a bad hangover ever stopped you from missing something or doing something important?
5) What do you eat when you have a hangover?
6) Some people believe in the “hair of the dog” – having another alcoholic drink – as a hangover cure. Do you think this is good?
7) What do you think the hangover blues are?
8) Why do you think a hangover is called a hangover?
9) What do you know about the science and biology of hangovers?
10) How many times do you think the average drinker says ‘never again’?



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