Do you like studying grammar?   6 comments

English: Repartition map of the languages over...

English: Repartition map of the languages over the world (version blank of key). See File:Languages world map.svg for full description. Esperanto: Mapo de la etendo de la lingvoj en la mondo (senpriskriba versio) Français : Carte de la répartition des langues dans le monde (version vierge de légende) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




1) Do you like studying grammar?
2) Do you think grammar is the most important thing to learn in English?
3) What is the most difficult part of English grammar?
4) Which is more difficult, English grammar or your own language’s grammar?
5) What is the best way to learn grammar?
6) Do you have a favorite grammar book?
7) How do you like to learn grammar in class?
8) What are your grammar successes?
9) Do you think playing grammar games is an effective way to learn?
10) Do you think students should keep a special grammar notebook?






1) What grammar websites would you recommend to other students?
2) How do you think many people can learn a language without learning grammar?
3) What grammar question would you really like answering now?
4) Do you think you are good at explaining English grammar rules to other learners?
5) Is the grammar of speech different from the grammar of writing?
6) Have you ever met a native English speaker with poor grammar?
7) Have all your English teachers been good at teaching grammar?
8) What area of English grammar do you think is easiest to learn?
9) How often have you said you hate grammar?
10) Do you think that one day you’ll be able to download grammar from your computer into your brain and have no grammar homework?



6 responses to “Do you like studying grammar?

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