Do you celebrate Halloween?   9 comments

English: Candy or trick . Svenska: Bus eller g...

English: Candy or trick . Svenska: Bus eller godis i Sverige. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




1) Do you celebrate Halloween?
2) Do you think all countries should celebrate Halloween?
3) Do you think it’s dangerous for children to go trick-or-treating?
4) Why don’t Christians celebrate Halloween?
5) What do you think is the best costume for Halloween?
6) Do you think Halloween was better a few decades ago or is it better now?
7) How old is too old to go trick-or-treating?
8) Do you think Halloween is scary?
9) What would an alien think of humans if it came to Earth and saw Halloween?
10) What do you think the black and orange colors of Halloween mean?
1) What do you think about Halloween?
2) What do you know about the history of Halloween?
3) How does Halloween affect American culture?
4) What do pumpkins have to do with Halloween?
5) Why do people trick-or-treat on Halloween?
6) Do you think it’s dangerous these days to open your door to a trick-or-treater?
7) How did Halloween get its name?
8) What’s the best Halloween movie you’ve seen?
9) What are the best Halloween games?
10) What is the best Halloween food?



9 responses to “Do you celebrate Halloween?

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    • I have no time to do halloween, but if I did I would set up a plave outside the mall and give out “GREAT” candy for all people


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