Do you like gardening?   2 comments

IMGP0854 - vege garden

IMGP0854 – vege garden (Photo credit: RaeAllen)




1) Do you like gardening?
2) What is it about gardening that makes many people love it?
3) Is gardening a hobby for young or old people?
4) Do you need a big garden to enjoy gardening, or can someone living in an apartment also do a bit of gardening?
5) Do you think gardening is an expensive hobby?
6) What do you think of the idea of everyone having a vegetable and herb garden to help the world’s food problems?
7) Do you like looking at gardening shows on TV and reading gardening magazines?
8) Do you know anyone who is crazy about gardening?
9) What kind of equipment do you need to have gardening as a hobby?
10) Do you think gardening is the same all over the world?




1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘gardening’?
2) Would you like a job as a gardener, or as a landscape architect?
3) What do you think market gardening is?
4) Do you like walking around gardens?
5) Do you think the ‘English country garden’ is the best?
6) Are gardens good for the environment?
7) What do you know / think about Japanese Zen gardens?
8) Do you have green fingers (UK) green thumbs (USA)?
9) Do you think all schools should have a classroom garden and a kitchen garden?
10) What dangers are involved with gardening?


2 responses to “Do you like gardening?

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