Do you like French fries?   2 comments

French Fries

French Fries (Photo credit: fritish)




1) Do you like French fries?
2) What’s the best thing to eat French fries with?
3) Do you think a capital “F” is necessary – Is it ‘French fries’ or ‘french fries’?
4) Where can you buy the best fries?
5) What’s the best thing/condiment to put on fries – ketchup, mayonnaise, salt, vinegar, or something else?
6) What is the perfect size of fry – length and width?
7) Do you think it’s sad that French fries are one of the most universally eaten foods in the world?
8) After France voted against the US invasion of Iraq, French fries in some parts of the USA became known as ‘freedom fries’. What do you think about this?
9) What would your life be like without French fries?
10) Should French fries be banned from school meals?





1) What is it about French fries that make them so popular?
2) How do you cook French fries?
3) What do you know about the history of French fries – are they really from France?
4) Are French fries healthy and nutritious?
5) What is the ideal alternative to French fries?
6) Do you think French fries are good value for money?
7) Are French fries the best junk/fast food?
8) When would you start allowing your children to eat French fries?
9) What do you think of the smell of freshly cooked French fries?
10) British people eat ‘chip butties’ – French fries sandwiches. What do you think of this culinary delight?


2 responses to “Do you like French fries?

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