Do you have equal rights?   Leave a comment

“Equal rights for everybody!” – This artwork can be used to describe social movements for equal human rights, especially for black people, women and LGBT. (I drew it with Paint, and edited with Photoshop.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Do you have equal rights?

2) Do other people in your country have more rights than you?
3) Is there perfect equality in your country?
4) Which groups of people in your country are least equal?
5) Which areas of inequality make you angriest?
6) What do you do when you see inequality in front to you?
7) Which countries do you think give least regard to equal rights?
8) What do you know about the history of equal rights?
9) Which countries have championed equal rights or are good examples of how equality can be achieved?
10) What do you think of the saying that “all men are born equal but some are born more equal than others”?
1) What kinds of inequality exist in your country?
2) What inequalities exist between the sexes?
3) Is there a lot of racial discrimination in your country?
4) Do you think one day everyone around the world will have equal rights?
5) How would you feel if your rights were trampled on?
6) Why don’t all countries insist on total equality in their societies?
7) Do you think the USA is the shining example of equality?
8) What examples can you think of to show that our world is the most unequal place imaginable?
9) Do politician and the rich and famous have more rights than we do?
10) How would the world be different if everyone on the planet enjoyed the same rights and no discrimination existed?

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