What do you think of pierced ears?   8 comments

English: Front shot of Elaine Davidson, the mo...

English: Front shot of Elaine Davidson, the most pierced woman in the world, according the Guiness Book of World Records. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) What do you think of pierced ears?
2) Do you think there’s any difference between a man or woman having his/her ears pierced?
3) Do ear-rings / studs make someone look more attractive?
4) Why do you think people started piercing their ears?
5) Do you think ear piercing is a strange custom?
6) Is there any cultural significance of ear piercing in your country?
7) Should a man have none, one or both ears pierced?
8) What is the earliest age at which you should get a child’s ears pierced?
9) Were / Are there any rules in your school about pierced ears?
10) How many holes do you think is maximum for someone’s ears?

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1) What do you think of body piercing?
2) Do you think pierced noses, eyebrows, lips, etc look attractive?
3) Why do you think someone would pierce their tongue and wear a stud inside their mouth?
4) Why do you think pierced navels and nipples are fashionable?
5) What would your mother say if you got your face and body pierced?
6) Do you think the body piercing fashion will continue for generations?
7) Which cultures do you know of have a long history of piercing?
8) Do you think there are similarities between body piercing and indigenous tribes who put bones through their nose?
9) Do you think body piercing can be dangerous?
10) Do you think every part of the body can be pierced?

8 responses to “What do you think of pierced ears?

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  1. Actually, body piercing of all sorts came from the pagan religions way back when. From a Christian standpoint, if you want to be really strict and picky, it came about from the pagans, so it’s probably not a good thing (although I have my ears pierced and my belly button..did that one back in 2003, but I just leave it that way, otherwise, I just have a hole there and it would look funny. My advice, don’t ever get anything caught on any of your piercings…ouch!

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