Do you have good employment prospects?   Leave a comment

Polish-born people in employment in the UK, 20...

Polish-born people in employment in the UK, 2003-2010, by quarter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




1) Do you have good employment prospects?
2) What is your employment track record?
3) Have you ever visited an online employment agency?
4) Do you ever look at the employment pages in newspapers?
5) Do you think companies should offer employees lifetime employment?
6) Have you ever worked somewhere that had bad employment conditions?
7) Do you always study the terms of employment carefully before you accept a job offer?
8) Have you ever had your employment terminated?
9) Are there any conditions of employment you insist on?
10) Are working conditions in your country better than those in other countries?




1) What do you understand by the term ‘full employment’?
2) Is unemployment a problem in your country?
3) Are there equal opportunities in employment in your country?
4) Do you ever take any notice of employment statistics?
5) Would you like to be self-employed?
6) Do you think young people care enough about their employment prospects?
7) Have you ever tried to change details on your employment contract?
8) What rules should there be regarding children and employment?
9) Which countries and companies do you think offer the best employment opportunities?
10) What help should a government give those looking for employment?



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