Do you want to study current events in your English class?   Leave a comment

1) Are you interested in current events and news?
2) Is there a difference between news and current events?
3) What stories have you been following recently?
4) How many hours a day do you spend reading about, watching or listening to news?
5) What is the latest news about your country?
6) Are you interested in news from other countries?
7) When did you first become interested in current events?
8) Do you ever read or listen to the news in English?
9) Would you prefer to study English using news materials or textbooks?
10) Which area of current events would you like to be more knowledgeable about?


News Anchor

News Anchor (Photo credit: ed100)


1) Do you want to study current events in your English class?
2) What kind of current events stories do you like?
3) What sections of a newspaper or website do you check for current events (health, technology, business, etc)?
4) How current is current?
5) How much time do you spend discussing current events with friends?
6) What recent events are you fed up hearing about?
7) How do you feel when you haven’t heard the news for a few days?
8) How often does the news greatly affect your feelings?
9) Which person in the news do you most like hearing or reading about?
10) What is your favorite news source?






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