Why is a bicycle called a bicycle?   Leave a comment


1) Why is a bicycle called a bicycle?
2) How useful are bicycles?
3) Do you think bicycles will be used more or less in the future?
4) What contribution has the bicycle made to the world?
5) Is your country a bicycle-friendly country?
6) What are your memories of learning to ride a bicycle?
7) Have you injured yourself falling off of a bicycle?
8) Have you had any bicycle adventures?
9) What’s the best bike you’ve ever had?
10) Have you ever had your bicycle stolen?



MountainBikePartsEnglishAndSpanish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1) Do you need a bicycle?
2) What are the advantages of a bicycle over a car?
3) What extra features or functions would be helpful for a bicycle?
4) Do you think people will ever stop using bicycles?
5) Have you ever ridden racing bikes, mountain bikes, bmx bikes or other recreational bikes?
6) Do you think other cyclists are dangerous?
7) Have you ever used a monocycle?
8) Do you think governments should require people to pass a cycling proficiency test before being allowed to ride a bicycle on roads?
9) Should cyclists always wear protective gear?
10) What are the disadvantages of bicycles?






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