What is a computer?   Leave a comment

Computer Desk and Hutch

Computer Desk and Hutch (Photo credit: Scott Beamer)



1) What is a computer?
2) When did you use a computer for the first time?
3) How useful are computers to you?
4) What is the best thing about a computer?
5) What is you favorite piece of software?
6) What would life be like without your computer?
7) Can you keep up to date with the latest computer technology?
8) Do you control computers or do they control you?
9) Would you like to spend more time with your computer?
10) What would happen if all of the world’s computers suddenly stopped forever?



1) Do you like computers?
2) Do you have your own computer?
3) Do computers ever make you want to pull your hair out (i.e. become very frustrated)?
4) What is the worst thing about computers?
5) Do you know a lot about computers?
6) Do you think computers will always look similar to the way they do now ( a screen with a keyboard)?
7) What would you miss most if your computer was taken away?
8) Would you like to take a course in computer science?
9) Do you think it’s cool to be a nerd or computer geek?
10) What would you like computers to do that they can’t do now?



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