How do you feel about China?   Leave a comment


National emblem of the People's Republic of China

National emblem of the People’s Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




1) How do you feel about China?
2) What do you think China is most famous for?
3) Would you like to go to China?
4) What do you think of products with the “Made in China” label?
5) Do you think China will become the strongest country in the world?
6) Does the power of China make you worried in any way?
7) What do you most admire about China?
8) What do you consider to be China’s biggest problems?
9) Do you think that one day the world will be learning Chinese rather than English?
10) What are relations like between China and your country?



1) Do you like Chinese food?
2) How is China perceived by the media in your country?
3) What do you know about China’s leaders and politics?
4) What is your image of life in China?
5) What springs to mind when you hear the country China?
6) What aspects of Chinese culture are there in your country?
7) Do you think China should get more involved in resolving problems in the world’s trouble spots?
8) What can other countries learn from China?
9) What are your views on China and its policies towards Tibet and Taiwan?
10) What do you know about China’s history?



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