Do you think the idea of beauty changes?   Leave a comment

1) What is beauty?
2) Who decides who or what is beautiful?
3) How often do you think about beauty?
4) Do you think you have the same concept of beauty as your friends
5) What are the most important features when determining someone’s beauty?
6) How would the world be different if we never considered beauty?
7) Is beauty in design important in your culture?
8) Do you think we are conditioned by advertising to think what is beautiful and what is not?
9) What do you think of beauty contests?
10) Do people ever pick your brains?
Cover of "What Is Beautiful?"

Cover of What Is Beautiful?

1) Do you think the idea of beauty changes?
2) Do you think different races have different perceptions of what beauty is?
3) Is beauty important?
4) Is there beauty in everything we see and do?
5) Do you think about your beauty?
6) Do you think the beauty industry is important?
7) Do beautiful people have better lives?
8) Do you think it is important to get your beauty sleep?
9) What beauty can you see around you now?
10) Do you see beauty in the English language?

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