Are cities good things?   Leave a comment

English: The Global Cities Index 2010

English: The Global Cities Index 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) Are cities good things?
2) What is your favorite city?
3) How are city people and country people different?
4) What are the biggest problems with living in cities?
5) What damage do cities do to the countryside?
6) When does a town become a city?
7) Which world city do you think would be the best to live in?
8) How will cities in the future be different from those today?
9) If you were city mayor, what changes would you make to your city?
10) Which city would you choose as capital of the world and why?
1) Do you prefer city or country life?
2) What do you like and dislike about the capital city of your country?
3) What do you think are the world’s three greatest cities and why?
4) Is the capital city of a country always that country’s best city?
5) Is it better to grow up in the city?
6) How are the cities in your country different?
7) Do you think there’ll be more and more cities in the world?
8) What’s the best way to deal with traffic problems in a city?
9) Are cities beautiful?
10) Is it possible for a city to escape social problems?

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