What is your favorite alcoholic drink?   Leave a comment

1) What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
2) How often do you drink?
3) Do you ever… / How often do you… drink to excess?
4) Why do you drink alcoholic drinks?
5) Is alcohol a drug?
6) Should governments allow people to drink products that make people violent?
7) Are the drinking and driving laws in your country too strict?
8) How does alcohol change your behavior, personality and face?
9) What are the most popular forms of alcohol in your country?
10) What part does alcohol play in the culture of your country?
Anti-alcoholism comic book ad

Anti-alcoholism comic book ad (Photo credit: solviturambulando)

1) When did you start drinking?
2) What should be the legal age to drink alcohol?
3) Can bars serve alcohol 24 hours a day in your country?
4) In the USA, you cannot drink alcohol on the street. What are the laws regarding drinking in public in your country?
5) What kinds of social problems does alcohol cause in your country?
6) What do you think of very drunk people?
7) Alcohol is forbidden in Islam. Is this good?
8) Do you think people from different countries act differently when drunk?
9) Have you ever said or done something under the influence of alcohol that you later regretted?
10) What is the best cure for a hangover?

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