Astro Boy (1980s) : Full Episode 1 (Official & HQ with subtitles)   Leave a comment

In 2003, Bureau of Precision Machinery in Science Ministry is working on the development of “Super Robot“, despite experiencing no less than four failures. At that time, a man called Skunk visits Minister of Science, Dr. Tenma at home. He proposes to provide the ministry with Omega Factor which will allow a robot to have a reason as humans do. But Dr. Tenma refuses his proposal.
Dr. Tenma is so obsessed with developing robots that he does not pay much attention to his only son, Tobio. One day, Tobio goes out alone and is killed by a car accident. Depressed Dr. Tenma, regretting his attitude to Tobio, decides to make an exact copy of Tobio for his next super robot. On the other hand, Skunk who succeeded in stealing the blue print of the robot by using Robot camera plans to have his friend Robotician Duke Warupuru Gisu make an copy of the robot and install Omega Factor in it.
Finally, Robot version of Tobio is completed and Dr. Tenma raises it as his own son.
One day, Tobio suddenly opens his eyes as though he synchronizes something and loses his conscious — it is just the moment a copy of Tobio named Atlas was born at the mansion of Duke Warupuru Gisu. Mr. Honda, a robot engineer, rides on the robot processing vehicle to disassemble Tobio, but the vehicle goes out of control due to computer failure. At last, Tobio recovers his consciousness and throws the runaway vehicle into the sea.


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