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E & G English school, which is located on the waterfront in Davao was named the safest city in the Philippines realize cheap rates reasonably, to reduce the cost study abroad you can. I am a complete environment of optimum excellent teachers, and friendly staff. It offers a curriculum that is customized for improvement of ability of individual students in particular, for this reason, it offers small group lessons of 4 hours and one-on-one class of 4 hours a day.

June 10 (Mon): No classes

※ 12 Wednesday, June Independence Day the (Independence day)

I will transfer on Monday June 10.

· June 14 (Friday): level test, quarantine

※ After lunch, going out possible. 15 I go out all the time to ask.

· June 15 (Sat): official TOEIC test

※ Please apply to Saturday 8th seekers

E & G International Language Center
Maryknoll Road, Davao City, Philippines

Phone : 091 7713 3029
e-mail : Infoattoeng-ryugaku.Com




  Bottom of Form




– Post Meridiem – (Latin: after noon)
The meeting started at exactly 1:00 PM.
La réunion a commencé précisément à 1h de l’après-midi.

– Prisoner of War
The negotiations regarding POWs continued for many years after the Vietnam war.

Public Relations
With good PR the politician was able to easily gain the support of many people.

Parent-Teacher Association
We got home late last night after attending our son’s PTA meeting.

Please Turn Over – written on a piece of paper to tell someone to look at the other side
I wrote PTO on the last page of my essay to make sure that the professor would look at the last page.

– Rest In Peace – used when talking about someone who is dead or sometimes written on a gravestone
At the end of the movie RIP was written on the gravestone of the main character who had been killed.

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît – French for please reply
The invitation said RSVP so I quickly sent off a note to say that I would be able to attend the party.

Teaching Assistant
After leaving university he was able to get a job as a TA at the junior college.

– Tuberculosis
For various reasons the number of TB cases has been increasing around the world recently.

– To Be Announced – used when something will be announced later
I looked in the television guide to see what the 7:00 movie would be but it only said TBA.

Top of Form

1.PRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBA: my answer is on the other side of the page.
2. ‘At 5 am !? Sorry, it’s too early! I can’t come! But at 5PRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBAit’s OK!
3. ‘MyPRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBAis very helpful. I’ve already learned a lot of things with him. My English is much better.’
4. The maths teacher has been on a sick leave for a very long time. Let’s call thePRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBAto find if we can find a solution with the headmaster of the school.
5. Showtimes effective Friday (Feb. 25) through Thursday (March 3) unless otherwise noted: ‘The Chorus, daily at:PRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBA’
6.PRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBA: Listed here are the names of our dead, members of our community and tribe. They were our family, our lovers, our husbands and wives, our parents and our children…
7. Please complete the following information and submit yourPRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBAby February 3, 2005.
8.PRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBAis caused by an infection with the germ Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
9. ‘To get our press Releases, please phone ourPRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBA.’
10. ‘Our Main goal is to bring allPRRIPTBPTATAPOWsPTOPMRSVPTBAhome, alive or dead, from wherever they may be held, or lay lost.’

Bottom of Form



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