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My pet peeve is the lack of adverbs these days. Adverbs have largely been replaced with adjectives instead! He paints ‘bad’ instead of ‘badly’, they are a ‘happy’ married couple instead of’ ‘happily’ married, she sings ‘good’ instead of ‘well’, they run ‘careful’ not ‘carefully’, just to name a few. I am an esl school teacher and my students constantly hear and read inaccurate modeling of the English language from parents, television, and in print. Once they are taught to be ‘Adverb Police’, they enjoy presenting snippets of conversations or texts they’ve discovered that don’t follow the rules!


Can someone clue people in that there is no such word as “nother”, so you can not break up the word another and throw an adjective in the middle, e.g. a whole “nother” story. ~ Maybe a whole other, but there is no nother.


Here’s one – I frequently hear people, both in person, and in the news, say “very unique.” I hear it so often that I suspect it’s now okay to use. Another pet peeve is “impact” pronounced as “impack.”

Non-native speakers (and many “natives”) must be driven crazy by “raise” and “raze.”

It grates on me when people say “have went” rather than “have gone.”



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