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The mispronunciations that drive me up the wall the most are those where people add an “s” to a singular word where it absolutely does NOT belong ….. inwards, outwards, upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, anyways, etc. Not one of these words is meant to be plural.

Of all the words made plural inappropriately, TOWARDS makes me the craziest ….. especially when it’s pronounced “tord” or “tords” !! Sadly, this one is so common that I can’t turn on the TV without hearing it over and over and over again. It seems like it’s everywhere these days ….. including published materials.

A couple more that are irritating to me are “Febuary” and “exspecially”. I noticed that “libary” was already addressed on another post.

It’s really good to know there are so many that actually understand what is happening with grammar, punctuation and spelling. At least we know we’re not alone in our perceptions.

My pet peeve? The use of the word “only.” ONLY is misplaced about 90% of the time-especially in commercials. You can “ONLY buy it at” wherever. Can I do anything else with it. . . . .Lift it? Hear it? Play with it? According to the commercial I can only BUY it. Now if I could buy it ONLY at a particular store, I think that is what the commercial is trying to say. The use of “THEM vs THOSE,” double negatives, (“I don’t want no”) and similar phrasing murders our language. Mark Twain once said to his wife when she was trying to imitate his cussing, “Libby-ya got the words but ya just ain’t got the music.” That seems to be where most of us are at this point in time, even though the “music” might be a bit hard on our ears. My grammer isn’t as good as it used to be. I’ve been told I have to learn to “go with the flow.” But I STILL try to remember that a preposition is not a word you want to end a sentence with.

I frequently hear news media types use the word “existential” in contexts I simply don’t grasp. I realize that English is a living language, but what does a 19th century nihilistic philosophy have to do with current news? Fox blondes are particularly prone to use the word, although I’ve heard CNN anchors use it as well. I wish I could remember an exact quote, but I suspect it’s just a bunch of doofs trying to sound smart.

Kids today are awful with correct grammar usage and spelling.In college, points were deducted for wrong usage and spelling. I do not understand why kids are not being taught this most important aspect of communication. Writing and speaking correctly is so important in one’s job. U R BTW–this just does not cut the mustard.

When our 26 year old son was in middle school, we asked his teacher why she didn’t correct grammar and spelling. She said too much emphasis is put on that, rather than content. We were appalled. When I was in College in the 70’s, professors always took points off for improper grammar and spelling, even in Social Sciences. Now today, I work with younger adults that are unable to send emails that are understandable. “Me and Tom” are going “their” tomorrow, “your” going today. Or worse—“Ur going with me, k?” It’s like fingernails on a blackboard.



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