The one I see the most that gets to me is where people use the word ‘then’ where they should use ‘than’. Are people even going to school anymore? I’m not just talking about people like us who post comments, I’m talking about writers who are supposed to be educated and who write for a living. It’s a disgrace.

Americans have distroyed  the English language, especially in misuse of tenses: “Honey, I shrunk the kids,” is absolutely incorrect. “Honey, I shrank the kids,” is correct. “He should have ran,” is another horror. “He should have run,” is correct. You hear these all the time.  And many news media say, “The boat SUNK.” Should be “The boat SANK.”
The boat SANK. The boat SANK. The boat SANK.

My personal pet peeve along these lines….. People who say ” I could care less” when they are trying to say they dont care at all. Well, if you COULD care less then you must care SOME, right????? Dont you really mean that you care so little (not at all) that “You COULD”NT care less”????? Even if you explain that to them.


Over and over when Tiger Woods was in the news, the media WRONGLY chirped, “Tiger was Laying in the Driveway …..” Should have said “LYING.”===== You “lay” or “place” a glass on a table. You LIE down., Should have been “Tiger was LYING in the driveway.”

Well, maybe he was speaking about what he was going to do to her. Lay down something right? Lay Down Sally. Not a good way to think about women but let’s face it some men do.

My CURRENT pet peeve (among many) is the use of the pronoun “I” when “me” should be used! Everyone seems afraid to use “me” anymore, so they just use “I” everywhere! I hear it misused on television and see it misused in print ALL THE TIME!



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